The development history of the animation Saint Seiya and the content of each chapter

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  1. Episode 1: Hero Legend is resurrected!
    It on the fighting field of the Greek sanctuary, the battle for the Malaysian Holy Holy Clothing hosted by the Pope has entered the final stage. Two fighters who defeated nine opponents began the final match, Hoshio played to Casio. The disadvantage Hoshiya remembered the teachings of Master Mo Ling, which caused the small universe to make the Tianma meteor fist and knock down Casio. From the pope, he took the Homa Holy Cloth, and was raid by Casio’s Master Shar at night to recapture the heavenly horses. Hoshiya, who was trapped in the hard battle, put on the fighting spirit, put on the heavenly horses, and sent out the fist that broke through the sky, defeating Shar. He took the Holy Cloth to leave the Holy Realm that night and went back to Japan.

    Episode 2: Burning! Tianma Meteor Boxing
    In Japan, the largest galaxy competition ever has begun. Japan’s largest urban consortium has convened ten Saint Seiya to compete for the platform competition with the golden jackets of the horse. In the first game, the evil martial arts of the unicorn were brutal to the young Leo. In the end, evil martial arts won.
    This returned to Japan’s Hoshiko with the Holy Holy Cloth. In order to find the lost sister Xinghua, he decided to participate in the Galaxy Championship. The opponent of his preliminary round was the big vocalist.山 檄 Once in the Rocky Mountains to strangle countless giant bears with both hands, Hoshiya was also strangled by his hands, and it was in danger, but Hoshiya, who was never discouraged, ignited the small universe and destroyed the hands of the big bear’s clothes to achieve the final victory.

    Chapter 3: White Bird! In the cold Siberia, the blond blue -eyed glacier swims to the deep sea and said goodbye to the mother who sleeps on the bottom of the sea. He crushed the permanent ice wall that he had never melted during the Glacier period, won the white bird’s clothes, and returned to Japan. The third game began, from Hila, who had just returned to the water snake. In the face of Hillary’s poisonous snake claws, Ice River did not avoid it. It turned out that Hila’s venom had long been frozen by the white bird sacred clothes and failed to pierce the body of the glacier. Then Hila defeated the diamond stars in the ice river.

    Chapter 4: Tianlong! Invincible fist and shield
    The fourth game of the Milky Way Ring Tournament, by the Purple Dragon of the Dragon of the Dragon. Zilong is not an ordinary opponent. He is a teenager who follows the teacher Tong Hu on the five old peaks of Lushan, China. His Tianlong Holy Clothing was impacted by flowing water for many years, so the hardness was far more than the diamond, so he had the strongest fist and shield.
    Xingya’s meteor fist was blocked by the Dragon Shield, and he was beaten half of the Dragon Dragon Dragons. However, Hoshiya thought of the story of the spear and shields of Chinese folk, and used measia to destroy his fist and shield by measuring Zilong. In the end, the two sides took off the damaged holy clothes and decided to die.

    Episode 5: Miracle resurrection! The small universe of friendship
    The Hoshio and Zilong on the ring did not make each other. Hoshio’s meteor fist was seen through the purple dragon, but every time Hoshiya came out, the meteor fist would be more perfect, and even the purple dragon was hit. It’s right. Zilong can only make up the dragon again, hoping to defeat the defeat. But it turned out that Shenglongba also had its weaknesses. When attacking, the heart would have one thousandth of a second without defense. Hoshi watched the weakness of Shenglongba and defeated Zilong. The Zilong, who was hit by the heart, paused even the heartbeat. The past, the past, stood up under the encouragement of the audience, and punch the position of the heart behind Zilong with the same strength to rescue the purple dragon back. At this time, the fairy’s instantly felt the existence of enemies.

    Chapter 6: Phoenix! Hell Warrior
    The next game, the moment of the evil martial arts of the unicorn. Fairy Holy Clothing has a nebula chain, which has a defense like a copper wall and iron wall. Evil Wu is also repelled by the chain in the direction, and finally injured because of the stiffness of the Nebula. When the game was in progress, the instantaneous nebula chain suddenly tense, and the Greek text was discharged on the ground, reminding the enemy’s position. Finally, Yihui of Phoenix appeared at the place where the Golden Holy Clothing of Renma. The bronze saints present felt that Yihui was full of hatred, and Yi Hui even injured his younger brother.

    Chapter 7: Fight! Golden Holy Cloth
    Six years ago, when Hoshiya was still training in Japan, Yihui was a brother who loved his brother. However, due to the unfortunately sent to the death of the Queens Island, Yihui replaced this horrible place in an instant. But Yihui, who came back six years later, has become a hate devil. Yihui’s appearance was interrupted, and he also injured the instantaneous and evil martial arts. At this time, the wisdom of the wolf wore on the holy clothes to decide with Yihui. It instantly destroyed the nervous nerve. Yihui’s Dark Phoenix Corps also brought the golden jackets from the golden sacred clothes from the arena, and Hoshiya and others immediately chased out.

    Episode 8: Defeated! The Dark Phoenix Corps
    I Hui and the Dark Phoenix Legion with golden holy clothes. After escaping from the arena, I do n’t know where to go. Find the place where they hide, and Yihui is trying to put on the golden coat. Yihui, who was almost wearing the golden jacket, was destroyed by Hoshiya, so he ordered the Dark Phoenix Legion to leave with the holy clothes. Hoshiya, Zilong, Glacier, and instantly knocked down four dark phoenixes, and won the four parts of the hands and legs of the men’s golden holy clothes. They learned from their mouth that they were only dominated by the power of Yihui, and they also learned that they were dominated by Yihui. The Dark Legion has the strongest four people who have not appeared. Everyone knows that the battle with the Dark Legion is inevitable, but the holy clothes of the Malaysia and Dragon Satsu have been damaged. In order to repair the holy clothes, Zilong returned to China with two holy clothes.

    Chapter 9: Strong enemy! The Diablo Four Heavenly Kings appeared at
    It due to the sudden termination of the Milky Way Championship, Saori’s city consortium was forced by the media. In order to find Yihui’s whereabouts, Hoshiya took the hunting dogs to search four, and instantly came to a big tree that was practiced in Yihui because of his childhood Yihui. Instantly discovered the crossbar of the White Bird, and the snow suddenly came around at the same time, and the dark swan of the Diablo Four Heavenly Kings appeared. He showed a violent attack on the moment, but was stopped by the real white bird glasses, and Hoshiya also came with the hound. The frozen gas of the glacier repelled the dark swan. Diablo’s Diablo, Dark Sky Dragon, Dark Swan, and Dark Fairies came from the death of Queen’s Island to Yiji. Yihui gave them four parts of the golden holy clothes to them. To destroy the bronze saints and recapture the remaining four parts.

    Chapter 10: Purple Dragon Danger! The grave of the holy clothes
    The challenge book of Yihui was finally sent to the hands of the bronze saint, setting the date and place of the decisive battle, while Hoshiya was worried about the safety of Zilong. On the other hand, Zilong returned to the five old peaks of Lushan, and learned from the teacher Tong Hukou that there was a man named Mu. He lived on the Parmi Plateau and was the only person in the world with the ability to repair the holy clothes. After passing the teacher’s test, Zilong took two holy clothes. The purple dragon who came to the holy clothes cemetery was attacked by the undead. Fortunately, Zilong got the teacher’s lifting point and ran through the Sacred Cemetery safely. Zilong came to Mr. Mu’s mansion, met a naughty Gui Gui, and also met Mr. Mu. Because the holy clothes are dead, even Mr. Mu is powerless, but the anxious Zilong is willing to sacrifice his life and save the sacred clothes of Tianma and Tianlong.

    Chapter 11: Decisive! The horrible black fist
    The date of the decisive battle finally came. Hiroshi, Glacier, and Ichi Yiyi came to Killing Valley, but Zilong has not returned yet, but the ghost brought the repair of the Sky Malaysia to Hoshiya to Hoshiya Essence It turned out that saving the death of the dead is the blood of a large number of Saint Seiya. For the sake of friendship, Zilong fainted in front of Mr. Mu at the expense of more than half of his blood. In order to repay Zilong’s friendship, Hoshiya determined to defeat Yihui and retrieved the golden jacket. Hoshiya met Dark Tianma on the way, so he defeated him with a star fist, but he also hit the black fist. On the other hand, Ice River encountered a dark swan again, and the dark swan knew that he would not be asleep and did not ask for mercy at the ice, so that Binghe admired him very much, so he gave him the strongest golden light flame spinning fist to defeat him. On the way forward, it was found that the place in the fist was black, and it seemed to be burned by fire. The unbearable Hoshiya finally fell down the cliff and passed out.

    Chapter 12: Hold! Friendly Nebula Lock
    The glacier arrived at the lion cliff first, and fought against Yihui, but even the golden light flame whirlwind fist could not damage Yihui, and it was pushed into horror by Yihui’s fantasy magic fist. The heart of Glacier was also severely damaged. Instantly found the Hoshiya under the cliff, and wanted to save him, but because he was going to hold Hoshi, he was attacked by the chain of the dark fairy. Hoshi couldn’t bear to see that she was instantly affected, and she cut off the chain and fell down. Sorrowful and indignant to defeat the dark fairy with the nebula chain, and then faced the Dark Dragon. The purple dragon returned from Ghost Gate fought against Diablo, and instantly climbed down the cliff to save Hoshi.

    Chapter 13: Burning! A fire of fire
    In order to repair the holy clothes, Zilong lost too much blood, so the attack of Diablo was gradually unable to fight. However, I believe that Zilong, who is friendly, risked his life. In the case of insufficient blood, he brought up the dragon and defeated the Dark Dragon, and he was waiting for death. In the end, Diablo was touched by his friendship. In the last breath, he ordered Zilong’s real point to save Zilong. The black Hoshi who turned his whole body instantly, Zilong broke the thirteen star life points of Xingya Tianma, and tried to let out the scores. The purple dragon and instantaneous rescue of Hoshi also came to the lion cliff. Because he didn’t want to affect the purple dragon, he stunned the purple dragon, and he knelt down and asked Yihui to let Hoshiya and others. However, when Yihui was going to take the instantaneous life, Hoshiya also arrived.

    Chapter 14: Failure! Magic Boxing
    The glacier was protected by the northern cross, which saved his life; Zilong also woke up. Yihui was one enemy and four, but there was no fear. Binghe vowed to crack Yihui’s fantasy fist. He used diamond star dust boxing to create the effect of the mirror. He really reflected the magic magic fist back, causing his punch to fall into the hallucinations. Yihui not only was not knocked down by the fantasy fist, but also made the stunt Fengyi Tianxiang. Fortunately, Xingya got the protection of the golden holy clothes, avoided a blow, and broke Yihui’s holy clothes. However, the phoenix holy clothes, known as the undead bird, can be repaired by themselves, and the strength is better than before, but with the help of Hoshiya, the purple dragon, glasses, and instant small universe, they eventually defeated Yihui.

    Episode 15: Finally, you have a big life! Yihui’s Mystery
    I Hui was defeated, and finally told the experience of these six years. It turned out that the death of Queen’s Island was like hell on earth. The Master Gugudi of Yihui poisoned Yiyi every day. The purpose was to be full of hatred for the world. Fortunately, Yi Hui, who was injured home, often got a kind -hearted and like -instant girl Aismeida healing the injury for him. One day, because of Yihui’s hesitation, Gu Lundi killed his daughter Aismeida, and Yihui in anger finally turned into a phoenix and killed his master. When everyone listened to Yihui to say the past, a group of fighters suddenly appeared to grab the golden holy clothes. It turned out that they were from the Holy Realm, and the leader was Duradis with a huge body. Yihui, who was emotionally moved by the instantaneous brother, gave the head of the golden holy clothes to Hoshiya, and he made Fengyi Tianxiang and disappeared with Duradis in the landslide.

    Chapter 16: huge! Duradis’s Sudden Strike
    Since his former Pope died, his brother Alexi took over as the new pope. However, Alex is an ambitious family who launched damage around the world, causing smoke, and the Holy Realm is also under his influence, living like hell. Hoshiya and others who recaptured the golden holy coat in the battle of the Lion Cliff, hid the head in the city’s mansion. On the other hand, Duradis did not die in the landslide, and the other parts of the golden holy clothes were in his hands except the head. This time, he attacked the city’s mansion and took away Saori. He wanted to threaten Hoshiya and others to bring the clock of the golden jacket to the arena to exchange.

    Chapter 17: Save! The crisis of Saori n Xingya and Ichibu came to the arena, but Duradis did not release Saori after getting a hood. Hiroshi life. On the other hand, Duradis’s men left with a hood, but were recaptured by the ambush glasses. Hoshiya and instantaneous together in the arena, they could not match the huge power of Duradis. On the occasion, Binghe rushed back to make the frozen legs, which made Duradis unable to move. Hiroshi and instantly took advantage of this opportunity to defeat Duradis. Zilong and Gui Gui rushed to Killing Valley, but after a step late, the rest of the golden holy clothes had been?#092; returned to the Holy Realm.

    It Chapter 18: The Ghost Saint Seiya of the Caribbean Sea
    Due to the failure of Duradis, the Holy Realm sent the ghost Saint Sea by the Pope to the Caribbean Sea. Especially Shar’s sister. Acet’s three monsters under the deep sea attacked the tanker of the city consortium. Singaya came to the tanker, but instead subdued the three monsters in the deep sea, but in the end they were rescued by Acet’s illusion, and the head of the golden holy clothes fell on Ace’s hand.

    Itchius: The blood war of the magic island of life and death
    Although Hoshiya lost the cover of the golden holy clothes, Saori did not have the slightest responsibility, and even made the jewelry on his body. The jewelry fell into the sea, causing everyone to fight back. Saori found the place where Acet’s Nest Demon Island was found from the picture of the satellite, so Hoshiya immediately set off. When they encountered the attack of poisonous rockworms and blood -sucking bats, they also had to deal with the special attacks of the three monsters in the deep sea. In the end, only Hoshiya could reach the castle and fight against Acet. Hoshiya first cracked Acet’s dazzling attack, and because of the protection of the golden jacket, she defeated Acet in crisis and took the back cover.

    Chapter 20: Serious decisive battle! Sar’s counterattack
    The symbol of the city consortium was arson, and Saori and Saori had to take the head of the golden holy clothes to the villa near Killing Valley. Hiroshi, Zilong, and Glacier returned to their own business. Back to the Holy Realm Hoshiya, was attacked by Shar, but she was fortunate to stop. The magic bell also told the glacier in Siberia to be dangerous, and Xingya rushed. It turned out that the Crystal Saint Sei of the Glacier’s Master, in the Holy Realm, was controlled by the pope and was controlled by the pope to set up the glacier to death. On the other hand, Binghe returned to Siberia and found that the village had been deserted, and at the same time, he saw the evil crystal saint.

    Chapter 21: Ruthless! Master and apprentice’s battle
    The glacier learned from the mouth of Yifu that the villagers were forced to build a ice pyramid, so Icehee rescued the villagers, but met the Crystal Saint Seiya. Although Hoshiya came, Glacier wanted Hoshiya to not get involved in the battle of their masters and apprentices. The Crystal Saint Seiya’s ice boxing is especially on the glacier, but he feels a headache in the battle. He was cracked by the diamonds of the glacier and finally responded to kindness. The Crystal Saint Seiya destroyed the ice pyramid in the last breath, and he died in the arms of the glacier.

    The Chapter 22: Resurrection in the fire! The undead Yihui
    The hot saints arrived in the city’s mansion, but Saori and others were no longer there, so they burned the mansion in anger. Later, Chen had been forced to say the killing villa, so the villa was also attacked, but at the time, only beside Saori. The moment of difficulty was also surrounded by the flames. Fortunately, at the critical moment, the Phoenix’s Yihui resurrected from Huo Yan, rescued his brother, and finally knocked down the hot saints with the magic fist.

    Chapter 23: Silver Saint Seiya! Super assassin
    The assassins from the Holy Domain defeat successively. Misodi and Tenka’s Mo Ling in the lizard seat was ordered to come to Japan to take the life of Hoshiya and others. On the beach near the Star Son Academy, Missidi attacked Hosiya. He even threatened the difference between the Silver Saint Seiya and the bronze Saint Seiya. The magic bell was the savior, and the fist was released to make Hoshiya fake, but it was broken by Missidi. The battle between Hoshiya and Misdi immediately broke out. Faced with Missidi, Hoshio’s nirvana has no effect, but he was fell into the sea by Misdi’s lightly. Is the difference between their strength and insects?

    Chapter 24: Tianma Flying! The performance of the comet
    Xingya has gone through the hardships, and finally brought a new nirvana to the comets of Tianma and the Tianma back to defeat Missidi. However, the silver Saint Seiyaba Mosha and the hunter Arrian also came to the beach. Yadrian, who knew how to read the mind, knew that the magic bell had betrayed the sanctuary, so he injured the magic bell on the beach. Hoshi felt that the little universe of the magic bell suddenly disappeared, so she rushed back to the beach and saw that the magic bell was tied to the sea, and she was in danger. Hoshiya was to save the magic bell, so he had to defeat the in front of Mosha. When Mozar prepared to make the final blow, she said that Magic Bell was the sister of Hoshi, so it made Hoshio’s small universe quickly burn, and the magic was also knocked down.

    Chapter 25: Fight! The truth of the goddess Athena
    although Hoshiya was lost to Aridrian, but the magic bell who was just rescued by the expensive ghost defeated Yadrian, but when she woke up at Hoshiya, she had left, only on the beach, only on the beach. The words “Hiroshi, Guarding Athena” left up. When everyone returned to the arena, Chen Ji finally said what happened 13 years ago. It turned out that Saori was the incarnation of the goddess Athena who reincarnated every hundred years. In Greece, a seriously injured teenager handed over Saori and the Golden Golden Holy Cloth to the city, and finally brought back to Japan. Suddenly, the silver Saint Seiya Babylon was coming, but at that time, only the glacier could fight. When Glacier gradually felt unreasonable, the three teenagers in steel wearing steel appeared.

    Chapter 26: It is an enemy or a friend! Steel Saint Seiya
    , with the help of the steel Saint Seiya, Glacier finally defeated Babylon. At the same time, Saori also exerted the gentle and powerful small universe of Athena, which made Babylon understand the truth and died with a smile. The Holy Realm once again sent an assassin. This time, Shar asked automatically and vowed to kill Hoshiya. She also chose the high -strength Baiyin Saint Seiya Yingxian’s Yarugo Road. In order to investigate the enemy’s stars, purple dragons, and the airplane to Greece, but on the way, Saol and others used their minds to survive the plane on the island.

    The Chapter 27: Hiroshi turns into stones! Merudsham’s Shield
    Xingya faced the strong enemy Sal, and once again brought out the comet fist and a rotary fragile fist to defeat her, but the Arugo road with the Musta Tussa shield, successively the Instantine and Hoshiya It turned into a stone, and Zilong was spared because of the protection of Tianlong Shield. It turns out that anyone who has seen the Tussauds will become stones. Yarugo Road was careless and turned his companion Stada into a stone, but because Zilong could not directly face Yarugo, he was completely passive in the battle.

    Chapter 28: Tianlong! Desperate
    . Even the purple dragon of the Dragon Dragon seemed to have no chance of winning, but the steel Saint Sei came to the siege of Zilong in time. In order to win the final victory, saving Xingya and Shi Shi, Zilong hurt his eyes and knocked on Aruogou Road from the front. On the other hand, the identity of the Iron Saint Saint Seiya has finally been found. It turned out that thirteen years ago, Dr. Matson Mason of the Academy of Household Sciences was commissioned by the city’s Guangzheng to develop steel holy clothes and training steel Saint Saints for support to support Hoshiya and other bronze saints. In the hospital, the doctor explained that Zilong’s eyes could not be treated with modern medicine, which made everyone sad.

    The Chapter 29: Tasting abduction! The Crow Legion that attacked Saori
    Ilona, ​​the purple dragon returned to Wu Laofeng to recuperate with Chunli due to the blindness of her eyes. Because of the disagreement with Hoshiya, Yihui left everyone alone. This incident made Saori doubt whether he could be a goddess. At the same time, the assassin of the Holy Realm attacked Saori again, and the Silver Saint Seiya had the crow’s ability to control the crow’s ability to Saorian with his crow army with his crow, so Hoshiya immediately chased out. Hoshiya, who was in black wings, couldn’t move, which was very dangerous, but Hoshiya could eventually ignite the small universe and cracked Satta’s stunt.

    Chapter 30: Burning! The little universe of love
    In order to rescue Saori, Hoshiya injured his right wrist and lost his combat ability, but surrounded by Sali and Satimo, there was no way to retreat. Only the two jumped off the cliff together. When Shar and Saiman chased under the cliff, he found that Hoshi was seriously injured for protecting Saori and did not wake up. When the two were trying to kill Hoshiya, Saori issued a powerful small universe, causing the Crow Legion to attack Saimian. Finally, the glacier rushed to the cliff, and then repelled Shar, but the other two Silver Saint Seiya came again.

    It Chapter 31: Fantasy! Life and Death Line
    The silver Saint Seiya Gubila and Hell Dog Dadi came to attack Saori and others. The glacier and instantaneous disappearance were lost and they were hit the cliff. At this critical moment, Yihui, who had left again, appeared again, and made a life and death line to scare the silver Saint Seiya. Gabila first made a difficulty, but was knocked down by Yihui’s magic magic boxing; Dadi’s steel ball lock also had no effect on Yihui, and was injured by Fengyi Tianxiang. Coincidentally, the glasses who were rescued by the tree and climbed back to the cliff, Yihui saw that the overall situation had been set, and once again left everyone, and Dadi, who was injured, was finally defeated.

    The Chapter 32: Big explosion! The death queen bird
    I Hui concealed the crowd and came to the Nest of the Dark Saint Seiya alone to death Queens Island, accepting the challenge of the new leader of the Dark Saint Seiya. At this time, after knowing the Ice River in Japan, he decided to help Yihui, and the injured Hoshiya also helped the opposition to repay Yi Hui to help Yihui together. Yixi who came to the death of Queen’s Island first solved some miscellaneous soldiers, but he encountered a dark phoenix and was hit by the dark phoenix fantasy boxing. With his belief in Aismeida, Yihui woke up from the illusion and defeated the dark phoenix. After getting the assistance from Hoshiya and others, Yihui directly challenged the accumulation and defeated him. However, Xingya and others went to the death of Queen Island. He wanted to make the death of Queen’s Island Lu Shen who buried Hoshiya and others. Fortunately, the powerful small universe of Saori rescued them.

    It Chapter 33: Dragon Tiger Fighting! The tears of Tianlong
    Because the purple dragon has not been cured for a long time, it makes Hoshiya and Yiji dispute. Yihui left everyone again, and Hoshiya thought of asking Mr. Mu who would help the Parmi Plateau, looking for cure Zilong Method of the eyes. On the other hand, although the purple dragon returning to Lushan was taken care of by Chunli, she still wanted to return to everyone to fight together. One day, Chunli suddenly encountered rapids in swimming, and Zilong failed to rescue because she could not see anything. Fortunately, Wang Hu appeared in time to save Chunli. However, Wang Hu, who practiced Zilong in his childhood, was expelled from the door with the destructive power of martial arts because of the destructive power of martial arts. But when he learned that Zilong had lost his fighting spirit, he let him go.

    It Chapter 34: Goodbye friends! Sleep quietly
    Prills understand that the battle with Wang Hu is inevitable, so he decided to accept the challenge of Wang Hu. In front of the teacher Tong Hu, the duel of the two brothers began. Zilong, who was originally disadvantaged, woke up to how to fight for himself, put life and death outside the road, and finally defeated the king tiger. At the same time, Wang Hu also responded to the kindness of goodness, and was once again collected by Tong Hu under the edge of the dying. On the other hand, Hoshiya arrived at the Parmi Plateau, but Mr. Mu came out at this time; and Tong Hu also did not know after the fierce war between Zilong and Wang Hu. Suddenly, the golden jackets scattered in Saori and Alex combined in the air, sank deep in the bottom of the lake.

    It Chapter 35: Life and Death! Zhang Kai Tianlong’s Eye
    Due to the disappearance of the golden jacket, Saori and Alex are very nervous and look for them. In Parmi’s Hoshiya, I learned from the mysterious Shuangfeng Mountain from Gui Ghost’s mouth that has the water of life that can cure purple dragons, so Xingya is determined to break out of Shuangfeng for the eyes of Zilong. After the difficulty of Hoshiya, the difficulty finally got the water of life, but was attacked by a spider Aireni after going down. With the help of the Iron Saints Saint Seiya, Hoshiya knocked down the wolf spider Aireni. After Xiang told the Golden Holy Clothing disappearance, Hoshiya decided to return to Japan first, and the water of life was brought back to the purple dragon of the Ghost Ghost.

    Chapter 36: Shock! Twelve gold holy clothes
    The Pope saw that many Saint Seiya was defeated by Hoshiya and others, and finally the Saint Seiya’s highest -level Gold Saint Seiya also summoned. The Miro of Scorpio came to the arrival and learned that the secrets of the twelve golden holy clothes were unwilling, but they all accepted the order of the Pope to eliminate Hoshiya and others. However, in order to compensate his brother Aios’ crime, Lei Lia in Leo automatically asked for help and went to Japan in the pope. Hoshiya returned to Japan, but because of his physical strength, he was arranged to recuperate in the nursing home, but Sar had to take Hoshiya’s life again. It turned out that when Hoshiya practiced in the sanctuary, she accidentally saw the true face of Shar’s kindness. This was an insult to the female Saint Seiya, so she often attacked Hoshiya.

    Chapter 37: The shout of the mask! It is love or death
    When Shar continued to attack Hoshiya, a strong small universe suddenly attacked them in the distance. Essence Because of knowing Airia’s power, Sar was called Hoshiya first, and he punched Airia, but Airia knocked Sal with only one finger. Hoshiya went on to make meteor fists, but it has no effect on the Gold Saint Seiya with a speed of light. When Aiolia tried to solve Hoshi, Salia suddenly blocked the punch with her body. The reasons why Sal, who was dying, finally pursued Hoshiya to Hosiya. It turned out that there were only two ways after seeing the true face of the female Saint Seiya. One was to kill each other; the other was to love each other deeply. At this time, Shar finally understood that he had loved Hoshiya deeply. Iria was moved by the love of Shar, and decided to take Shar back to the sanctuary to heal the injury, but the Pope sent the three silver saint who monitored Airia to appear and attacked Hoshiya. Suddenly, the man’s golden holy clothes did not know where to come from, wore on Hoshiya, and instantly defeated the three silver saints.

    It Chapter 38: Fighting! The Golden Saint Seiya
    Iolia saw the appearance of the golden jacket of the horse, and wearing it on Hoshiya. Naturally, it would not stop, and the battle began. No matter how hard Hoshiya works, he cannot defeat Eria. On the contrary, Aiolia’s lightning -speed fist made Hoshiya without fighting back, and even the glacier and instantaneous rush were stunned. At this time, Saori appeared as a goddess and explained the story 13 years ago. Thirteen years ago, after the evening, the Pope originally wanted to kill the young Saori. Fortunately, Aios was rescued, and he escaped from the holy field with a sacred dress. He even sacrificed on the way. The traitor’s crime. Because there was no real evidence, Aiolia was still doubtful. In the end, Aios’s soul appeared and helped Hoshiya push back the speed of light. Holy domain, find the pope to settle accounts.

    Chapter 39: The speed of light! Ultra -light speed fist
    At the five old peaks, although Zilong used the water of life, his eyes were still not cured. On the other hand, in order to get rid of Libra’s Golden Saint Seiya Tong Hu, the Pope sent the Cancer Golden Saint Saints Disk to Wu Laofeng from the Holy Realm. Zilong knew that it was dangerous to the teacher and immediately stopped. Zilong’s attack was insignificant for Dismusk, and he was hit under the waterfall in Lushan. It turned out that Dismusk knew what the Pope did, but because he believed that power was justice, he still helped to abuse. Zilong wore a holy clothes from the bottom of the waterfall and leaped like a dragon god, making the dragon domineering Dismusk retreat for several consecutive steps. Just as Dismusk tried to make his stunt accumulation of the underworld waves, Mr. Mu of Aries stopped, Dismusk retreated, and met Zilong in the sanctuary.

    Chapter 40: Go forward! Our journey
    After fighting with the Golden Saint Seiya, everyone understands that the moment of decisive battle has arrived. The day before departing to the Holy Realm, everyone came to the Son of Star to find childhood memories, while Hoshiya said goodbye to Miho Tao, who grew up to grow up. On the day of departure, Saori, Hoshio and Glacier had come to the airport, but only the instanties have not arrived. Although everyone is worried about the safety of the safety, he still believes that he will come. It turned out to be stopped by Jenny, who was working together, because Jenny saw the Golden Saint -Saint Miro destroy the fairy island in an instant, and also killed their master Yaliliii, so she was unwilling to go to death instantly. At the same time, the instantaneous brothers Shi Bica and Lida also came to marry the instantaneous life. They used the chain to attack instantaneous attacks. They were locked by the chains of the two of them and couldn’t move.

    Chapter 41: Sanctuary Battle! The biggest crisis of Athena
    It thought of Yihui’s speech in the danger, and and in order to lit his own small universe with his commitment to Singa, defeated Starga and Lida. After saying goodbye to Jenny, he went to the Holy Realm with everyone. On the plane, Saori speculated that the true identity of the pope and estimated that the number of gold saints reached twelve. On the other hand, Iria, who returned to the Holy Realm, went to the court to find the pope. Just as the two fought fiercely, the Virgo Shaga came to stop, and obeyed the order of the Pope to decide with Eria. The two of them attacked their stunts, and they all lost their power because they were too powerful. When the crowd arrived in the Holy Realm, Zilong had also arrived, and the passage of the court was the twelve house guarded by the Golden Saint Seiya. But before the crowd set off, Saori won the Golden Arrow of Delhi.

    The ended small universe! The seventh sense
    In the mouth of Delhi, I know that only the Pope can pull the arrows, and it has to be twelve hours ago. The first palace is the Aries Palace that Mr. Mu guards. Mr. Mu saw that the holy clothes of everyone have been damaged to a large extent. In the face of the golden saint, there is no chance of winning. time. One hour later, everyone put on the repaired holy clothes and found that the power increased greatly, and Mr. Mu also taught everyone’s seventh sense. After that, Hoshiya went forward towards the second house.

    Chapter 43: Battle! The fighting of the Taurus Palace n, I came to the Tyrannosais of the Taurus Palace, but was blocked by a wall. It turned out that he was the golden Saint -Saints Yaldi who guarded the Taurus Palace. The battle immediately began. The tall Yardi was not afraid of Hoshiya’s attack at all. On the contrary, he even fainted Zilong, Glacier and instantly. Although Hoshiya bombarded with meteor fists, it has no effect. Hiroshi was defeated several times by Yadi, and finally evoked the method of the magic bell to teach the method of cracking offensive and defensive swordsmanship. He used the comet boxing to make Yadi shot. but. Yaldi’s light -speed boxing giant horn made Hoshiya almost destroy. Fortunately, Xingya realized the mystery of the seventh sense. See the giant horn. Solved this stunt.

    Chapter 44: Double uterus! The light and black maze
    The Hoshiya, who can fully burn the small universe, finally successfully rebounded back the giant horn. At the same time, the timing was taken to see the corner of Yaldi. Yady also acknowledged failure and made Hoshio pass the Taurus Palace first. Then Zilong, Glacier, and instantaneous can pass the test of Yadi to the twin uterus. The purple dragon and others who came to the twin uterus saw that Hoshi came out of the twin uterus. It turned out that Hoshiya who thought the twin uterus had passed the Gemini returned to the entrance. This time, everyone broke into the twin uterus together, as if walking into the maze. After walking out, I found that I returned to the entrance, and this time I saw two bisder. So Xingya and Zilong group; glasses and instant groups entered separately

  2. I have to post again … the N time …
    1 Golden 12 House
    2 The Sea Realm (previously TV and the original Nordic article)
    3 underworld (OVA, the 17th began to broadcast on the 17th After 14 words)
    4 Skylord Prologue (theater version)
    Theatrical version:
    The legend of Golden Apple
    The duel of God and God n n The last jihad

    Below is the directory
    Saint Seiya “TV version of the drama directory

    1. Invincible Boxing Hayera
    5. Friendship is the most valuable 6. Hell fighters Fire Phoenix appeared 7. Golden holy clothes were snatched 8. Challenge the Dark Legion
    9. Dark Meteor Boxing 12. Friendship
    13. Escape from Ghost Gate 14. Failure of Fantasy Magic Boxing 15. One Hui of the Mystery 16. Hercules Lightning Boxing
    17. . Back to the Holy Realm
    21. The Battle of Master and Apprentice 22. Phoenix Resurrection 23. Silver Warrior 24. Broken Heart Boxing
    25. The truth of Athena 26. Steel Warrior 27. Mermaota Shield 28. Give up body One blow
    29. The Crow Legion 30. One Show 31. Life and Death Line 32. Blasting Queens Island
    33. Friend 35. Life spring water 36. Twelve golden holy clothes
    37. Love and hate 38. Golden Warrior 39. On the eve of decisive battle 40. Destiny Journey Taurus Palace 44. Maze
    45. The horrible maze 46. The lion of the roar 47. Farewell! Glacier 48. Wandering in the underworld
    49. Chunli’s prayer 50. The anger of Purple Dragon 51. Golden Lion of Zhangya Dance Claw 52. Devil Fist
    53. Sacrifice for love 54. The injured Phoenix Phoenix 55. Call for sincerity 56. People like God
    57. Sanda that opens the eyes 58. Between the same 59. Resurrection! Glacier 60. Sticky red poison needle
    61. Never defeat 62. The brave is not afraid of 63. Corporation 64. Friend 68. Aesthetic warrior
    69. Devil Rose 70. Breakthrough of the Twelve Palace 71. The true face of the Pope 72. Strive forward
    73. Return to Athena 74. Goddess 76. Giant Deer Lu

    77. He died for Hipida 78. Yongdou Arctic Wolf 79. The tragic misery of the wolf fist in the mountains 80. Destiny
    81. Flea 82. Hot Hell in the ice 83. Mysterious harp 84. Miyami’s prophecy
    85. Sad Warriors 86. Undead bird red double -wing 87. Magic amethyst 88. terrible Ambition
    89. Forests of the elves 90. The small universe of Langlong 91. Hidden in black minions 92. Rotate it!
    The ending of the mystery of the mystery
    93. Badado’s fate 94. Brother who is difficult to give up 95. A proud warrior 96. Dragon to the dragon? . The beautiful melody of the sea witch 98. The emergence of miracles; 99. Forever prayer 100. The Emperor Poseidon
    Auding Gang
    101. Destruction! Seven Sea Giant Pillar 102. Mysterious Glory?; 103. The fearful Warcraft teeth 104. The immortal nebula chain
    golden bronze holy clothes
    105. Holy sword? 107. Cold Leims 108. Cold friends
    The mystery of the Emperor Emperor’s resurrection
    113. R n
    The opening: Hosaya Garment (1-2)
    The first part: Galaxy (3 ~ 6)
    Part 2: Battle with the Dark Saint Fighter ( 7 ~ 15)
    The third part: Battle with the Silver Saint Seiya (16 ~ 32)
    Part 4: Zilong vs. Wang Hu (33 ~ 34)
    part 5: Gold Saint Seiya debut (35-40)
    Part 6: Power Chuang Twelve Palace (41-73)
    1. Athena Middle Arrow (41)
    2. Mu helps to repair the holy clothes and instructions (41 ~ 42)
    3. Golden Bull Palace?; Aruda vs. Hirokosa (42-43)
    4. Double uterus? 44 ~ 47)
    5. Cancer Palace?; . Sajia disciples vs. Yihui (54 ~ 55)
    8. Virgin Palace?; Shaka vs. Yihui (56-58)
    9. Tianping Palace?; Ama’s helping Glacier resurrection (59)
    10. Scorpio Palace?; Mero vs. Glacier (60 ~ 62)
    11. Sagittarius Palace? n12. Sanyang Palace?; Shura vs. Zilong (65 ~ 67)
    13. Aquarius Palace?; Instant (68 ~ 70)
    15. His court?; Hoshiya, Yihui vs. Pope (Gemina Satga) obtained the shield of Athena, rescue the goddess
    Part 7: Nordic Legal?; Battle of the Fighter (74-99)
    1. Herteda was put on the Lord of the Rings (74-75)
    2. 76 ~ 77)
    3. Fifth Star Fali Road vs. Zilong (78-80)
    4. Second star Hagen VS. Glacier (80 ~ 83)
    5. Seventh Star Mi Yimei Vs. Ayun, Yihui (83 ~ 86)
    6. Fourth Star A Labeli VS. Zilong (97-90)
    7. Sixth Star Studo vs. Aluna (91-92)
    8. )
    9. The first star Jack Friert vs. Hirokosa (95-97)
    10. Sapphire, get the sword of Solomon, rescue Hililada
    (98 ~ 99)
    part 8: Battle of the Ocean (100 ~ 114)
    1. Sea. Emperor Bobo Saiwatong appeared (100 ~ 101)
    2. The North Pacific Balian Papona (101 ~ 102)
    4. The Indian Ocean Crisena VS. Purple Dragon (104 ~ 105)
    5. Nanyang Lims vs. Yihui (106 ~ 107)
    6. Vs. Glacier (108 ~ 109)
    7. Southern Atlantic Sonter vs. Ahmong (110-111)
    8. With the help of Sorant, Yihui defeated the North Atlantic Galon (111 ~ 113 )
    9. Rescue Athena (113 ~ 114) in the pillar of the sea

    Legend of Apple
    The first conspirator: Display goddess Elis
    The second word: the confrontation of God and God
    Talk: True Red Teenagers
    Shouchenman: Sun God Apollo
    Chapter 4: Final Jihad
    Themurist: Fallen Angel Road Xihua

    ” Goddess of the Goddess “(Hainan Fine Arts Photography Press)

    All 9 volumes 45 episodes

    Dangerous volume
    Xingya! The little hero of the Tianma hero is shot in light and darkness! Gold Saint Seiya
    White bird! Bingyuan warrior hates! The mystery of Queens Island is confused! Bad lion
    duel! Tianma executed to Tianlong! The Pope’s instructions are critical! The goddess of the goddess
    Phoenix! Saint Seiya scars on the island! Men’s Medal Phantom! The mysterious twin uterine
    The battle of Dark Four Heavenly King! Cancer beside the goddess! The boundary between life and death
    The fourth Volume Twelve Temple Volume Volume 5 Emperor Boston Volume Volume 6 Ocean Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Battle n The goddess will be saved! Phoenix is ​​back
    cold and poison! White Birds to Scorpio Magic Flute! Sea Witch Surant is vigilant! The manipulator behind the scenes
    Flying to space! Tianlong is reborn! Golden bronze holy clothes are sinful! Hailong’s ambitions
    Roses! Hixie weapon six -headed monster! The man’s man collapsed! The column of life
    good and evil! The pope’s face is dead! Holy sword and golden gun ban! Athena Naibao pot
    Volume 7 of Pluto Hades Volume Eighth Volume 8 Entering the Victory Volume of Pluto Volume Volume Ninth Volume Volume Vol. Gold Saint Seiya forced! Aglong River breakthrough! The sighing wall
    is wonderful! Crime and penalties for returning to the old! The referee channel of the first prison! Hell and Bliss Pure Land
    giant butterflies! Demon Star Bubilon Outfield! Legendary Saint Sei Pandora! Gray memories
    Destruction! Sharo Shuangshu Garden Trusted! Pluto’s soul holy clothes! The reinforcements of the Neptune
    Resurrection! The goddess’s holy clothes are horrible! Eternal solar eclipse decisive battle! Hadis Temple

    This is the Pluto’s
    of the Saint Seiya Pluto

    1. Three people crying

    3. Ancient fighters

    7. The beast group of the black cloak

    8. Golden Creation

    11. The shocking holy domain

    12. The goddess’s holy clothes

    Chapter 1, Chapter 2: December 17, 2005 to March 31, 2006

    Aglong River
    Episode 2: Silent Judgment Division

    Chapter 3, 4: January 21, 2006 to March 31, 2006
    n n n n n n n n n n n n R n Chapter 3: The legendary Saint Seiya
    Episode 4: Olife, the sad soul song

    Chapter 5, 6th: 2006 February 18th to March 31, 2006

    Chapter 5: Hades! Amazing possession
    Chapter 6: Fighting! The road to Giudecca

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