2 thoughts on “Steps to stack the ring with money”

  1. 1. First, fold the long side of the prepared money upwards, and fold it about 1 cm.
    2, after the long side is folded, fold the money along the center so that the side and the side are aligned, and the folded long side should be exposed.
    3. Open the pair of folding money and fold the two short sides in the middle of the crease as the center, so that the two shorts will be aligned.
    4, turn the folding money over, and then fold the top angle along the stacking edge, and then flatten it.
    5, then turn the money over and fold the short side of the middle alignment. When folding out, the two stacks above should be stretched out.
    6, often the two sides that often fold the external folding inward, so that the two sides are aligned in the center position.
    7, turn the money over again, fold the upper heart shape, and then turn over.
    8. After folding the heart shape, the remaining part is about 7 mm up.
    9. Fold the remaining part of the past, so that the back and forth will be folded into a long strip.
    10, fold the long strip into a arc, and then fold it on the ring.

  2. 1. First fold the banknotes (can be used casually) 2. Fold a side of about 0.5 to 1cm on the top. The size of this edge determines the size of the heart shape. , Folding angle 5. The same side, the same side, folding angle 6. After folding, in turn, on the top, fold, about 1cm to 1.5cm7, after folding Folding 9, folding up on the left and right sides 10, then on the same side, then folding the only part of it, then folding from top to bottom 11. It is also a folding on the left and right sides. You can pick up the entire banknotes and fold the ripples from back to forward. These ripples are about 0.5cm13. The last step is to roll it around the fingers. After surrounding

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