1 thought on “Seven major points for women to participate in funerals”

  1. Is to participate in the funeral precautions
    Woman pregnant women cannot participate in funeral
    The funeral is the heaviest occasion of yin. Women who are pregnant are bloody. not good. And the funeral is generally noisy, and there are firecrackers from time to time. It is easy to disturb the babies in the belly, so pregnant women are best not to participate in the funeral. If the parents around you die, you have to participate, it is best not to meet with the coffin, just send mourning and blessings, and try to stay in a more quiet place.
    It cannot be made up
    The funeral is a serious and solemn occasion. In this kind of place, everyone is with a sorrowful mood. For women, try not to turn on the makeup and not to apply lipstick. If you have a bad improvement in itself, you need to make some pretend to decorate it. You can lightly make the makeup, and you can click it, but it should be noted that the funeral cannot be red, which is disrespectful to the deceased.
    Cars that cannot be worn too bright
    The funeral is mainly black and white in the traditional customs of our country. Women who participate in the funeral cannot wear clothes with too bright colors. White, black or blue. The color on the clothes should not be too much. Try to be simple and generous. If the color is too bright, this will also leave a bad impression with the atmosphere of the funeral.

    It do not emit the hair
    It women are used to dispersing their hair in their lives without any modification, and they look very casual and elegant, but at the funeral, women’s hair cannot be spread out. Essence First of all, there are more things at the funeral. If the hair is scattered, it can easily affect the normal work. Secondly, the hair is too casual, and the funeral is very serious. On this occasion, women are best to tie their hair. If you do not want to tie, you need to use a card to get your hair. It is a very solemn expression on the face, which will also make people feel very unfavorable.
    sm do not wear jewelry
    Women try not to wear jewelry when participating in the funeral, especially those with bright colors. This is very taboo, such as gold and jade jade, do not appear at the funeral. Because people who died in ancient times needed to be buried with some jewelry, most of them used gold emeralds.

    The long -term patients cannot participate in the funeral
    This of long -term diseases is poor, it is easy to be frightened, the environment of the funeral is very complicated, and the yin is very heavy. People who are sick. If you really want to participate in the funeral, you can wear red underwear or panties to dispel evil spirits.
    Woman women are not suitable for weddings
    It for the traditional customs in our country, there are three years of filial piety. If there are relatives and elders in the family died, then these children cannot get married within three years. However, as the times change, many people are no longer taboo. Now for newlywed women, it is best not to participate in the funeral. After all, this is not a very auspicious thing. If it is the relative of the family, then there is no need to care about this and can participate, but after participating in the funeral At home.

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