1 thought on “Ruixing Electronic Gift Card usage process”

  1. Gift cards are very simple to use, not only limited to buying Ruixing Coffee products, but also for other products. We only need to use the Ruixing Coffee APP to click the gift card when buying a product, which is convenient and fast.

    . How to get gift cards?

    The method of getting gift cards is very simple. First, search for Ruixing Coffee Mini Program on WeChat. Secondly, select a gift card option in the applet, and then select the cover of the gift card. After that, you can give the gift card to your relatives and friends. Relatives and friends will get the gift cards they have sent to buy goods. And the same operation is the same as you want to get gift cards, as long as someone sends a gift card to get it. This is also a way to test friendship. I believe everyone can receive gift cards to buy coffee in the cold autumn.

    . It is very simple to use.

    It any gift card is very simple to use, and the Ruixing gift card is no exception. As long as you choose the card when buying the goods, you can pay for it, and you can use the card at any place, which is also loved by many consumers. And you can use different payment methods for purchases. You can use a third -party payment platform to buy coffee to use gift cards. This is indeed very easy and convenient. In today's fast -paced life, we can allow us to use the simplest way for discount purchases.

    [Extended information]

    (Ruixing Coffee) Headquarters is located in Xiamen and is China's largest chain coffee brand. Ruixing Coffee takes the brand vision of "Make every customer easily enjoy a cup of drinking and worthy of drinking", and "create a world -class coffee brand from China" as the brand mission. The new retail model of data technology cooperates in depth with top suppliers in various fields and is committed to providing customers with high -quality, cost -effective, and high convenience products. Ruixing Coffee's coffee beans won the gold award at the IIAC International Coffee Test Contest for two consecutive years.

    Ruixing coffee operating drinks and food series. In addition to coffee and tea, Ruixing Coffee cooperates with Louis Dafu NFC juice, and sells light food, nuts, snacks and other peripheral products. At the same time, Ruixing Coffee entered the intelligent unmanned retail industry, and joined hands with the world's top suppliers to provide high -quality, cost -effective and high -convenient services.

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