5 thoughts on “McDonald's and KFC have a birthday to children. What commemorative gifts do the restaurant provide?”

  1. Hours celebrated their birthday in KFC, and they gave a lot of toys. When I left, I gave me a big card that wrote a specially -made representative KFC with a happy birthday. A waiter has always been with us to tease our children to play, singing with us, it feels very warm. There is no discount, the price is more expensive, but I feel that it is very full at that time and the toys are also very rich.

  2. MC does not know that my brother's birthday is on KFC, and you will send a toy and birthday hat for Xiaoshouxing. If there are other children, you will send hats and toys. There will also be a small book, the last two are preferential rolls, which are limited to the kind of food to send one food per month. There is no discount on the price of meals

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