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  1. The first leaf represents true love
    The second leaf represents health
    The third leaf represents reputation
    The fourth leaves represent happiness

    1. Four-leaf grass (lucky grass) ---
    The legendary four-leaf grass is brought from the Eden of the Eden to the ground, and the flower language is happiness.
    Generally there are only three small leaves,
    The probability of a ‘four -leaf grass’ is found to be about one hundred thousand.
    Therefore, ‘four -leaf grass’ is a symbol of luck internationally.
    E each leaf of its leaves has different meanings,
    includes four things that dream of life:
    reputation, wealth, love and health, if you have these things at the same time, it is lucky to be lucky It's right.
    Four Leaf clover
    The first piece of leaf represents true love (love)
    The second leaf represents Health
    The third leaf represents Glory
    The fourth leaves represent the wealth

    2. People always say that
    found the four leaf grass
    one leaf grass represents hope
    two leafy grass represents
    three leaflasses represent love
    and rare tetraon
    is happiness
    It means
    even if you pay,
    may not find happiness
    True happiness
    When I took my full happiness,
    When I walked in an unfamiliar town,
    nThe four -leaf grass in life,
    On the earth, the flower language is happiness. Also known as Sanya
    usually only 3 petals. The chance of finding 4 petlays is only one in 10,000, and it is hidden to get happiness and heaven. The power to rule the earth can only have this opportunity when it comes to it. If you can continue to find
    to three lucky grass (the four -petal leaves are called lucky grass), the first place you encounter later is likely to be your white horse
    prince prince …
    Four Leaf Clover Lucky Grass (with four -petal leaves is called Lucky Grass):
    Is the lucky grass of the first petal leaves is belief
    Lither the lucky grass of the second flap leaf is hope r is hope
    The lucky grass of the third -petal leaf is love
    Lanthest grass of the fourth petal leaves is lucky

    4. There is a beautiful legend about the four leaf grass!以前有一对恋人,他们真的很相爱,一起住在一片很美rn的桃林里,但是因为一件特别小的事,他们闹别扭了,彼此不肯让步,终于有一天,爱神I can't stand it
    , he floated to the peach forest where they lived, and quietly sprinkled a lie: tell them that there will be difficulties in all parties, only the deepest part of the peach forest n Cao can save them. It doesn't matter when they listen to it, but they still worry about the other party. It was raining that night,
    is heavy rain, but they still secretly went to the deepest part of Tao Lin to find four -leaf grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass When they knew that the other party cared about themselves, they all liked
    , decided to let the four leaf grass witness their love, love God laughed ... This is a joke of love God, because she doesn’t want to make happiness coming
    is too easy to get too easy, only you care each other, and the talents that cherish each other have happiness ...
    four -leaf grass, witness of love! Intersection

    ps: Starting the magic of the four -leaf grass:
    one leaf for name, (one leaf brings honor)
    one leaf for wealth, (one leaf brings wealth)
    one For a lover, (one leaf brings love)
    one for glorious health, (one leaf brings health)
    all in this four-leafed clover. .)
    After murmuring the rolling of the above four -leaf grass, hold the four -leaf clover with the two fingers of the right hand, slowly turn the four leaf grass, and make your wish

    about every 100,000 flowers to find out

    The origin of the origin of lucky grass. The earliest can be recovered to the fifth century AD. With forgiveness and benevolence, he came to Ireland. At this time, Ireland is a phenomenon full of violence, barbaric and cruel pagan countries, and even human sacrifice. He used the three -leaf grass that can be seen everywhere at that time to metaphorize Christian's famous "Trinity" theory. The son is God, the Holy Spirit is God, but not the three gods, but a god. " After many difficulties, he spread the gospel to the people of Ireland. Later, he was inspired by him. More missionaries followed him to Ireland. After the years, the spring wind turns rain, and the gospel is where the sword is killed by the Bible, the school and literacy lessons "peaceful evolution", and the brutal superstition has been "renovated and updated" in civilization and education. The culture writes a new chapter. After his death, the Irish people did not forget him. The generation of Irish people commemorate his contribution to his nation and the country. The clover used to explain the "Trinity" is the symbol of Ireland. It has been circulated to the present, the "St. Potak Festival" has become an important festival for Christians in Western Europe and North America. Every day, people will wear green clover as decorative clothes, concentrate on marching, hold meals, and participate in church activities. Even in Chicago, every day, the entire Chicago River is dyed with a harmless dye. Three -leaf grass spread to the Middle Ages. Christians unexpectedly found that this plant would have the form of clover, exactly like the cross, and they thought that the clover of the four -leaf clover was a magical plant and a treasure of God to the earth, which can help them help them, which can help them help them, which can help them help them, which can help them. Drive the devil and find that the three -leaf clover will have specific functions and can see things that others cannot see, and those things may bring disaster. Therefore, the clover of the four leaves was recognized by the people at the time as a lucky token, which was called lucky grass.

    The earliest three -leaf grass literature that recorded the four -leaf grass appeared in 1620 AD. The author John Melton Penned mentioned in the literature that "if someone finds the clover of the four -leaf, then he will hand in it in the near future. Good luck. How much is the probability of discovering the clover of the four leafs? It is only one tenth of 100,000. "The above is a description of the origin of lucky grass that is in line with real history. , Eve decided to retrieve the four leaves to commemorate the life of the lost paradise. Therefore, if you find such a cricket, it is equivalent to a part of heaven. To this day, lucky grass has been given all kinds of beautiful meaning by people who love it, becoming a token of people who express love, affection, and friendship between people, and spread among all people who love life.

    The real four -leaf grass is a white horseshoe -shaped text, called white car shawl

    Today, the four leaf grass has been made into jewelry, and it is also made into books and published. It's right. This shows that the clover is well -loved by people. People think that four -leaf grass can bring luck, even if this is not real, but if you can find four leaf grass, there will still be a sense of satisfaction in your heart.

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