3 thoughts on “Is physical gold easy to monetize?”

  1. Hello, if the golden jewelry bought in the Golden Store is not easy to monetize, because the jewelry will wear various wear during wearing, the golden shop is more cautious in this kind of gold recovery. The other is the gold bars. The bank's investment gold bars should be relatively easy to recover, because this is a bank's investment gold bar, so general banks support recycling. The handling fee can call the bank customer service for consultation because of different banks. The gold bars issued by Golden Store should also be realized. When you buy such gold bars, you must think about whether the store can inquire about whether it is allowed, and then decide whether to buy.

  2. The real gold monetization requires the goods than three: one is to choose a variety of physical gold, and the other is to choose a trading venue with different trading fees.
    The conditions for most banks to repurchase the physical gold are very strict. They only repurchase the physical gold of the designated varieties of their own sale, and some banks also stipulate that even the physical gold that it is released will bring the gold to mention the gold. You cannot provide repurchase business.
    Because it is likely to cause damage, it will affect the quality of gold, so banks have strict conditions for gold repurchase. Investors can also save it in the bank after purchasing the investment gold bars. During the custody period, investors can choose to sell each other to obtain benefits.
    Gangda Bank stipulates that they can replace gold holders, and they will keep the gold bars in the bank and buy and sell through the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The transaction fee is 0.155%of the transaction value. CITIC Bank stipulates that the gold selling in the bank, the transaction fee is 0.145%of the transaction amount, and Pudong Development Bank stipulates that the gold sold by the replacement is 0.195%of the contract's market value.

  3. It ’s not easy to monetize. Some banks are not responsible for recycling in physical gold, and it depends on the color and quality of your gold. Essence Essence There are also handling fees too expensive. Essence Essence Listen to others about 15 yuan. Essence Essence In other words, the price of gold is up to more than 15 yuan. You can make money ~~

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