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  1. In the "Warring States Policy", Yun "Scholars died for those who were confidant, and women were pleasing to themselves." Two thousand years have passed. In addition to the appearance of ancient women, the most focused on the modification of hair. It is said that Emperor Hanwu saw Wei Zifu for the first time, which was attracted by her hair. "Seeing her hairdressing, pleasing, she was in the palace." Zhang Lihua, the concubine of Chen Houzhu, was also famous for hairdressing. When Emperor Hanming first entered the palace, he lost his color with an excellent hair. Hair hair also requires headwear embellishment, and hair accessories are also important parts of hairdressing. The combed buns should be decorated with flowers and treasures. This treasure 包括 这 includes buns, Huasheng, Buy, Bad, hairpin. Women of nobles in the palace can use strange materials for hair accessories, and ordinary small households can only wear Jingli. "Humble Jing" is the humble word of ancient men who call their wives to outsiders.
    When women are beautiful, the same ancient and modern times. Women's beloved hair accessories can be both the Baoji of Nanqi Panfei, or the two -foot red head rope of Xier's sister.

    1. The buns shake lightly
    Ancient women to pull their hair into a puppet, but also fix it with the crickets to avoid loose fell. The real name of 笄 is "". "" Is the name of the Qin and Han dynasties. It was called "笄" (ji1) before Qin and Han, and it was actually two names of the same thing. The hairpins left by all ages are very rich, and their changes are mainly concentrated in the head of the cricket. Common are: (1) Dingding: The body is a cylindrical body, the top is used as a sphere or hemisphere, and a few are engraved with rotary patterns; , Lotus, chrysanthemum, peach and other patterns; (3) Earlings: made of metal or jade, slightly flat body, wide at the upper end, obviously closed on the neck, and bending on the front Two functions of the mold; (4) Ruy: the body is round or flat, the first bending of the first facing the front, presenting the intention; , Cycnasis and fish.
    The golden phoenix
    2, the 钗
    The hair is the same as the hairpin, which is used to insert hair, but the buns make a strand, and the buns make a double share. There are also some differences in use. In addition to the difference in materials and lengths, the main feature is that it is also the different decorations on the head. If the shape of the dragon is carved in the first carving, it is "the dragon". The decorative birds in the head of the cricket are also admired by women of all ages. Especially in wedding jewelry, it is more common, because the birds have always been regarded as auspicious poultry in the people. There are many ways to decorate the birds with the birds as "鸾 钗 钗 钗 钗 钗 钗. Some of the insertions of the saga also have many methods, some horizontal insertion, some vertical insertion, some oblique insertion, and there are also from bottom to top. The quantity is not consistent, you can insert two branches, one on the left and right; you can also insert several branches, depending on the needs of the hair bun, and the maximum of the two buns will be inserted into six branches. N
    3, flower 钿
    The interpretation of flowers in the flowers, one: "Made of flower -shaped jewelry with golden jewelry"; The second statement is more common. The second statement is more common. There are many complex and variety patterns, such as horn, fan -like, peach -like, etc. Dold, properly properly. This kind of flower stamp is posted on the forehead, like a gorgeous and brilliant strange style, making the women's makeup grace and gorgeous. It is one of the important jewelry of ancient women. It is decorated on the 笄 (簪). The method of making is to make a branch with gold and silver wires, then the top is covered with jewelry ornaments, and it has colorful beads and jade. Hairline. Because of the movement of the footsteps when walking, those hanging pearls will continue to shake, and it is called "step shaking". R n In the women's crown, the most valuable one is the pushing crown. The so -called phoenix crown is to decorate the phoenix on the crown. It is determined to be a ritual and the revenue crown system. ): There are teeth and backs on the bottom of the row, and the teeth are sparse. Those who are sparse are used to comb the hair. The five generations of comb, mostly into a trapezoidal, the height is significantly reduced, and its material and decorative vision are good. After the Song Dynasty, the shape of the combs tend to be flat, and it is generally made into half a moon shape. .
    Itshin silver

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