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  1. Qiankun welcomed the dog, and the prosperous world. Every year, the family members have gathered together. The important part of which is to hear the dog’s barking. The new year will be prosperous and prosperous.
    The New Year’s New Year’s Gold Bar of the Year of the Dog of Dongyi Jewelry Company is listed! The reporter recently learned that Shenzhen Dongyi Jewelry and Jewelry Co., Ltd. and Beijing Branch produced the New Year’s New Year’s Gold Bar of Dogs. Customers in Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other places have come.
    “The New Year’s Gold Bar is a brand feast given to consumers every year. We must create a brand on the New Year’s Gold Bar.” Feng Airu, general manager of Dongyi Company, said, “At the request of customers this year, we did Preparation,
    fast shipment, strive to seize market opportunities, and create Dongyi Golden New Year brands. “
    Buchi Wangfu Wangfu Wangfujin n” Really beautiful “” really beautiful “” ” There are cultural heritage, the form of cartoons, and a certain meaning. “After the first batch of New Year’s gold bars of Dongyi put on the counter of the ordering meeting, some shopping mall managers from Tianjin, Beijing, and Hebei could not help but show up.
    The New Year’s gold bars, Dongyi has developed three types. One is Wangfujin, the other is Fuzawa Kangtai, and the third is Fuwang Gate. From the perspective of graphic design, Wangfujin takes cartoon shape as the main expression method, just like the blessing babies posted by the households during the Spring Festival, a happy dog ​​who is alive and happy. ,一派欢乐喜庆;福泽康泰的形象则是另外一种风格,眼光明亮,流盼有情,十分可人,一副撒娇温柔的模样,表现的是衣食无忧,知足常乐;福旺门庭与福On the contrary, Ze Kangtai was sitting on the opposite. A strong dog was sitting sharply, his eyes were sharp, his ears were upright, and he maintained a high degree of vigilance. A Guardian who fulfilled his duties was to keep wealth for the owner. From the perspective of the production process, all are die casting, one formed, divided into three types: bright and matte, and light and matte. From the perspective of product specifications, from 20 grams,
    30 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, and even 200 grams.
    “The dog has the grace of wet grass”, which is about the drunk of the Eastern Han Dynasty to go home after being drunk, lie down the grass, the mountains and the wild raised fire, and the dog barks the owner. Water wet the grass around the owner, so that the owner was spared. Feng Airu introduced that the research and development of the year of the year of dogs is to reflect the quality of dog culture, dog loyalty, sincerity, and righteousness. In terms of product naming, it is also more in line with China’s traditional aesthetics, such as Wangfujin, “Wangwang-Wangwang”. It can be understood that I hope that my husband is more prosperous, hoping that your government is prosperous and developed. thriving.
    The New Year’s New Year’s New Year’s Gold Bar is mainly based on cartoon Wangfujin. In addition to showing auspiciousness, Wangfujin also unexpectedly discovered that “Wangfujin” can easily make people think of “Wangfujing”. Wangfujing is a well-known commercial street in China. To some extent, it will also help the sales of Dongyi New Year’s gold bars-Wangfujin.
    The development characteristics of Dongyi this year are: professional development, according to some dog culture, auspicious culture of the year of the dog, loyalty, sincerity, righteousness, etc., the story of Fuwangmen Ting, according to the connotation of some culture, create some cultural atmosphere with cultural atmosphere. The pattern text is designed to express the main idea of ​​the year’s New Year’s gold bars; and the main opinions of terminal retailers are the main opinions, and the principles of launching new products from the market to the market are truly in place. Discuss and study, and then design according to their opinions.
    The creative market to the market
    “If you want to be good, you must first benefit your instrument.” In order to do a good job of the New Year’s Gold Bar, and take this as an opportunity, it will improve the production of Dongyi Beijing Branch as a whole.
    The previous section of Dongyi Company did a lot of work in hardware construction and technical level.
    The mold, which is fundamentally standardized, will make good products, focusing on equipment renewal. With good workers and good techniques, we can make good products. The talents of Shenzhen and Beijing factories have mutually discriminated talents, strengthened learning integration, and took advantage of technical growth and shortcomings to further improve their processes. In addition, the factory employees have conducted technical evaluations, and they also require the production department to sell their new products to the business department and vigorously carry out such activities to promote the initiative and enthusiasm of the production department. At the same time, a lot of work has been done in terms of technical reform, laying a solid foundation for product launch. In order to develop a good New Year’s gold bars, two designers also invited two designers to prepare for preliminary preparations.
    In from the market, to the market, the research and development concept of the New Year’s Gold Bar of the Year of the Dog, so that Dongyi Company has entered the retail terminal, understands the market situation, and listened to the market’s front line.
    Feng Airu led market personnel, designers, and planners to go all over the country to learn about the situation. They visited Wangfujing, Gongmei, Blue Island and other shopping malls, listening to the requirements of the managers, and listening to the opinions of the front -line counter. At the same time, we also learned about the situation from customers in Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Hebei and other places and listened to their opinions. Wangfujing Department Store Building on September 25th, Daqing. It is understood that the gold bars sales of Wangfujing Department Store Building are calculated by doubled compared with gold jewelry sales. From the overall situation, the retail terminal proposes that this year’s year’s gold bars, it is best to go to the counter immediately.
    In less than two days, the design drawings of the Dongyi New Year’s gold bars are sent to the customer’s hands. Fujin, Fuze Kangtai, Fuwangmen Ting, etc. Dongyi made an overnight investment model to send the finished samples to the retail terminal, soliciting opinions, and modifying according to the feedback. After the finished samples came out, the customers appreciated it very much. In less than half a month, the New Year’s New Year’s New Year’s Gold Bar was officially put into production.
    The brand forging Dongyi New Year’s Gold Bar
    “The launch of the New Year’s New Year’s New Year’s Gold Board Wangfu Jin, the customers gave full affirmation.” In terms of sales conditions
    , it is very popular with the market. Dongyi’s market work is not in vain. “
    The big customers have won the year of the New Year’s New Year’s Gold Bar series products produced by Dongyi. “Buy Wangfujin to get blessing.” This one is very popular.
    Wangfujing has already placed orders, including Fuwangmen Court. Lao Fengxiang in Shanghai has already placed orders. “It hasn’t been in the peak season yet, but as soon as our products are listed, there are already hot sales in various places, and the start is very good.”
    The also disagree with the launch of the year of the year of the dog: the year of the chicken continues, the year of the dog is still early, the year of the dog is still early. Why did you get out of the New Year’s New Year’s Eve? Feng Airu said that because Dongyi’s gold bars have history. Since the opening of the gold market, according to the needs of customers, Dongyi has developed the “Sanyang Kaitai” of the Year of the sheep according to the year of the zodiac year. Series, etc. Because the Dongyi New Year’s Gold Bar opened
    The repurchase service, consumers and dealers have benefited. In the consecutive years of sales, the market reflected particularly good.
    Therefore, this year’s year’s New Year’s gold bars are also prepared early at the customer’s request.
    “The development of gold bars is a planned promotion activity. At first, we wanted to make a set of commemorative New Year’s gold bars. The New Year’s Gold Strip has the same basic specifications. Because it was the 12th Zodiac and the New Year’s Gold Bar, at the beginning, Dongyi thought of a series of development to meet the needs of consumers to buy collection. Now many shopping malls, not only the gold bars of the year of the dog, but also to the Chinese zodiac signs of the past year. “The Year of the Sheep, the Year of the Monkey, and the Year of the Rooster are making up the order at any time.” Feng Airu said, “The New Year’s Gold Bar ranges from 10 grams to 100 grams, or even more
    . It can be produced, and we can also make up for a single consumer. “
    since the launch of the New Year’s New Year’s Gold Bar of the Year of the Dog, customers have proposed whether they can develop some new varieties. At present Essence According to Feng Airu: “If consumers who are interested in collecting the Chinese New Year’s Gold Bar produced by Dongyi, Dongyi will be in the 12th year of promoting the Chinese New Year’s Gold Bar. When the merits are successful, some interaction with consumers will be held. Activities. “
    In look at the research and development design of the New Year’s New Year’s Gold Bar of the Dogs of Dongyi Company, from Wangfu Golden Dogs to send wealth and blessings, prosperous, to Fuzawa Antai’s full food, happy and peaceful, and finally to Fuwang From the perspective of the auspiciousness of the auspiciousness of the auspiciousness, the beginning of the design and development of Dongyi is not to develop the New Year’s gold bars for the New Year’s gold bars. The idea of ​​the New Year’s Gold Bar Brands.

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