5 thoughts on “I bought a diamond ring and diamond necklace in Lao Fengxiang, a total of 5505 yuan, is it expensive? Thank you”

  1. At the normal price, the mall counters also have their own brand additional costs. This price is relatively affordable. If you remove your own self -sets such as brands and counters, you can fold it again, but the quality may not be fine. Don't think too much when you buy it. The beautiful wear of the jewelry is the most important.

  2. Just like it,
    of course, the brand store is more expensive,
    cost 2000 yuan
    for earning 3,000 yuan
    of course, so much funds must make money, and brand stores earn more. That is,
    PT950 total 2.92*1.13 (loss)*340 yuan = cost price
    diamond 1000 is almost the same

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