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  1. First fold the long side of the prepared money, and if you fold it for about 1 cm, you can
    . After the long side is folded, the money is folded along the center, and the side and the side are aligned. On the outside
    , the folding money is turned on, and the two short -sides are folded in the middle of the campaign, so that the two shorts are aligned
    Fold the top angle along the stack edge, then flatten
    mad to turn the money over and fold the short side of the middle alignment. N often fold the two sides to fold it inward, so that the two sides are aligned at the center position
    then turned the money over, fold the upper heart shape, and then turn it over
    to the heart to the heart After the form is folded in the past, the remaining part is about 7 mm up about 7 mm
    This to fold the remaining part of the past. Bring it into a curved and put it on the finger.

  2. first. Everyone must prepare a new banknote. There is no problem with face value.
    but it is best to be 1 yuan and 100 yuan. Because of red. .. There is love. ..
    (the following banknotes are only for reference)
    1. First, fold the banknotes. (You can do it casually)
    2. Folding a piece of about 0.5 to 1cm on the top is both edge.
    The size of this edge. Determine the size of the heart shape. After folding. in turn. On the top. Fold. .. It is about 1cm to 1.5cm.
    (the length of the fold is the length of the heart shape). Conversely, fold the left and right sides from bottom to top
    , and fold them on the left and right sides
    . After the same side. The part that has just been folded. Fold from top to bottom
    , and it is also the left and right sides. You can pick up the entire banknote.
    The folding ripples from the back. .. These ripples are about 0.5cm. (The thickness of this ripple. It is the thickness of the ring itself)
    The last step. Just roll it around it. .. certainly. You must first understand how big your fingers you send. .. After surrounding. You can stick it with transparent glue.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. First prepare a rectangular color paper, which is slightly longer in length. You can test the length of the length of the length of the finger, otherwise it will not be enough to make the ring of the ring 2. Fold the color paper up and down. Then open the color paper and fold them left and right. 3. After folding left and right, it becomes a small rectangular, and the corners on both sides are folded to the center on one side. 4. After folding, you need to open the corner and fold the triangle inside. 5. Open the color paper and fold the above color paper. The other piece of color paper is also the case. 6. After folding, you need to open the color paper. The shape of the butterfly origami is turned over. Finally , Such a butterfly ring

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