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  1. Legal analysis: The processing method of the divorce property jewelry of the divorce property is: separate according to individuals or common property. In judicial practice, the valuable jewelry purchased after marriage, the book materials with greater value and the life and production materials of motorcycles, tractors, cars, and other lives. The property is allocated.
    The legal basis: "The People's Republic of China"
    1076 couples voluntarily divorced, shall sign a written divorce agreement and personally go to the marriage registration authority to apply for divorce registration.
    The divorce agreement should stipulate the opinions of the voluntary divorce of the two parties and consistent opinions on the negotiation of children's support, property, and debt treatment.
    It 1079 When the husband and wife request a divorce, the relevant organization may conduct a mediation or directly file a divorce lawsuit to the people's court.
    The people in the people's court should conduct a mediation case; if the relationship is indeed broken and the mediation is invalid, divorce shall be allowed.
    has one of the following circumstances. If the mediation is invalid, divorce shall be allowed:
    (1) Reding or living with others;
    (2) Implementing family violence or abuse, abandoned family members; r;
    (3) There are repeated teachings such as gambling and drug abuse;
    (4) For two years due to emotional disagreement;
    (5) Other situations that cause the relationship between husband and wife to rupture.
    Is that one party is declared missing and the other party shall file a divorce lawsuit, and the divorce shall be allowed.
    Peofling the divorce by the people's court, and the two parties have been separated for another year. If one party filed a divorce lawsuit again, the divorce shall be allowed.

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