1. Jay says:

    1. First prepare a container and pour some baking soda in it.
    2, pour some water and stir well.
    3, take out the gold jewelry to squeeze some toothpaste and rub the jewelry with your hands.
    4. After rubbing, throw the gold jewelry into the solution and wash it.

    extension information
    News to buy gold jewelry:

    1, first choose a reputable brand enterprise, never greedy cheap choice without choice without no choice Brand vendors, and the price of gold is relatively transparent, which is obviously lower than the market price;
    2, gold jewelry itself is a consumer product, not an investment product. Its price has included the costs of processing, loss, consumption tax, etc. When discounted, the merchants will be calculated at the price of gold raw materials, and the loss will be caused during the repurchase process. Investment.
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  2. Rene says:

    1. Mixed synthetic cleaning agents for salt and vinegar, and use it to wipe pure gold jewelry, which can make a long time.
    2, wipe or scrub with hot rice soup with hot rice, can also restore gloss.
    3, the gold jewelry after wearing is often lost due to stains and dust contamination. Put the gold decorative in the neutral detergent and soak and clean it with warm water.
    In precautions for wearing gold jewelry
    (1) Avoid contact with high volatile substances such as perfume and gum directly, otherwise it will easily cause gold ornaments to fade.
    (2) Remove the golden decoration when swimming to avoid chemical changes in the surface layer after touches of seawater or pool water.
    (3) Put the velvet cloth and put it in the jewelry box when storage to avoid friction and damage to each other.
    (4) The gold is relatively soft and easy to deform, so do not pull the necklace and other accessories to avoid deformation.

    extension information
    gold jewelry can be divided into two types: pure gold and K gold. The gold content of pure gold jewelry is 99 For more than 99.99%, it can be known as "nine nine gold" and "full gold".
    In order to overcome the disadvantages of high gold price, low hardness, single color, easy wear, and inadequate patterns, some other metal elements are usually added to pure gold to increase the hardness of jewelry gold to change its tone and reduce its melting point In this way, gold -alloy jewelry with different color heights and obvious gold content.
    k gold system is the international popular golden measurement standard. The complete statement of K gold is "Karat Gold" and gives K gold with accurate gold content standards, thus forming a series of K gold jewelry.
    In gold jewelry, the pure gold jewelry texture is soft, the teeth are bite, and it is easy to bend. The color is golden, pure, soft, heavy, and feels heavy. K -gold's head jewelry texture is slightly harder, the teeth bite the use of mintes, the color is yellow in yellow, and the number of K is reduced, the white increases, and the yellow is shallow.
    The printing on the gold jewelry is useful "gold" and the "KG" English letters represent the texture. When indicating the gold content, the word "99" or "24K" indicates that it is pure gold jewelry. The K gold jewelry is marked with the corresponding K number, such as the K gold jewelry marked "18K". %.
    In addition, the jewelry also marks the printing of the origin of different manufacturers. Really gold jewelry, printing standards, completeness, and clear, is an important identification of judgment. There are many types of jewelry that is easy to confuse with gold jewelry, some are gold -plated jewelry, some are gold jewelry, some are copper jewelry, and some are copper alloy ornaments.
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  3. Kay says:

    Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, there are some ways to clean the gold jewelry, you can refer to it 1. Toothpaste cleaning yourself to clean the gold jewelry, you can wipe it with a toothpaste, take a small brush or a soft cloth, and then take an appropriate amount of toothpaste squeeze on the small brush on the small brush. On the soft cloth, wipe and apply gold jewelry evenly, and then rinse it with water. Finally, wipe it with a cloth. Through this method, the gold jewelry can make the golden jewelry reinterpret. However, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning with toothpaste. You cannot choose toothpaste with many particles or white white. 2. If the goldenware cleaner appears small black spots, you can buy a special gold ware cleaner for cleaning, pour out some gold ware cleaner, then soak the gold jewelry for a while, and then use a small brush to gently back and forth back and forth Brush, wipe off the black spots. Then rinse it with water. Note that if you use a golden cleaner for the first time, you can see the manual, you know the approximate amount of dosage, you must not soak for too long, otherwise it is easy to cause secondary damage to gold jewelry. 3. The ultrasonic instrument can buy ultrasonic cleaning instruments. Put the gold jewelry into the ultrasonic cleaning instrument, and the ultrasonic will emit a specific frequency. The gold jewelry is cleaned and cleaned in all directions. Do it. 4. Jewelry repair shop cleaning If you are afraid of causing secondary damage to gold jewelry yourself, you can send gold jewelry to jewelry repair shops for cleaning. Specialized personnel can be cleaned and cleaned more clean. Summary: The above method is cleaned by yourself, and the machine is cleaned to help you clean. If you have a special cleaning person to help you clean, if you are worried that you can wear or damage the gold jewelry for gold jewelry, you can send it to a special institution for jewelry cleaning. You can refer to it. Oh.

  4. Benny says:

    1. The first method is to clean the alkaline substance. First of all, you need to mix with 50ml of water, 5g soda, and 2g of salt. Put it in the gold jewelry to be cleaned for 1 hour and take it out to rinse with water, and then dry it. If you find that the color of the cleaning does not meet the requirements, you can perform repeated operations.
    2, the second method is to clean the oxides on the metal surface through the weak acidity of the dew water. You can use a cotton swab to dip the flower to dew water and wipe the golden jewelry. When you wash water, remember to use a cotton swab instead of contact.
    3, the 3rd method is to use the salt to remove the surface oxide. You can use the same proportion of salt and vinegar, and wash it with wet wet. This method is more common, convenient and easy to use.
    Pucting information:
    Gold jewelry maintenance method
    1. To clean the dust and dirt of gold jewelry, the easiest way is to brush gently with soft brush dipped in hot water. Dip the soapy water with skimmed cotton balls, scrub without water alcohol, but do not use wear particles (such as toothpaste, polishing paste, fine sandpaper or fine sand cloth, etc.) to avoid reducing the weight of gold jewelry, causing losses to lose losses Essence
    2. Due to the trace amount of mercury (mercury) in the commercially available cosmetics, such as freckle creams often have phenyl hydroxyl mercury and two mercury chloride. At this time, do not scrape or sandpaper with a small knife. As long as the white spots or white jewelry appear in the fire, and then wipe it with a soft cloth, the gold jewelry will restore the original luster.
    3, after the surface of the gold jewelry is stained with dirt, it will make the color dim. At this time, you can use the flushing photos to flush the warm water of 30-40-c into a display solution, and double the water to dilute it. After soaking the gold jewelry with dirt for 4-6 minutes, use a soft brush to remove the dirt and rinse with water several times.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -Gold Jewelry

  5. Shelly says:

    Gold jewelry is generally not very dirty, you can wash it yourself, or you can send it to a professional gold and silver jewelry store for professional cleaning.
    1; Soak the gold jewelry in the diluted acetic acid solution, soak it for 10 minutes, then wash it with a brush, and then rinse it with water.
    2; I use soft brush to dip the golden jewelry gently with hot water. It is best to apply soapy water with skim cotton balls and scrub without water alcohol, but do not use wear particles (such as toothpaste (such as toothpaste (such as toothpaste , Polishing cream, fine sandpaper or fine sand cloth, etc.) to avoid reducing the weight of the gold and causing losses.
    3; ​​you can send gold jewelry to the jewelry counters in the mall. The jewelry counters are equipped with sound wave cleaning machines, and the gold jewelry is cleaned in it.
    4; Pure gold gold jewelry is not afraid of fire. If there is real gold, it is not afraid of the fire. Put the gold jewelry in the spraying gun and burn it. [Professional gold shop].

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