1. Mercedes says:

    The place where Dalian sells clothes is as follows.

    The Times Square, Friendship Mall. Qingniwa Bridge has a century -old city, Dalian Shopping Mall, McKle, New Mate, first men's shop, Qiulin women's shop.
    The new world department store in Tianjin Street. Dalian Railway Station, Shengli Shopping Plaza in front of the station, station Beidai City. Changchun Road has Bailong. Xinggong Street has Jinhui Shopping Plaza, McKle, Roosevelt, 200 buildings, Friendship Mall, Parkson, Fujia Xintiandi Plaza.

    1, Shugang Road. It is a road in Dalian, starting from Dalian Port in the east and the green wave bridge in the west. It is the main fast road in the east and west directions of Dalian City.
    2, Dalian Shopping Mall. It is located in the bustling commercial district of Dalian. It has a good geographical location, a large flow of people, many types of goods.
    3, Qingni Bridge. It is located in the east of Dalian, the most well -known business center in Dalian, in the north to Dalian Railway Station, to Wuhui Road in the south, to Friendship Street in the west, and to Puzhao Street in the east. It is the second largest commercial center in Dalian.
    4, a century -old city. The address is at No. 19 Jiefang Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian. There are many types of products in it, and the price of clothes is relatively cheap. There are high -end clothes and low -end clothes.
    5, victory underground mall. It is located in Zhongshan District, Dalian, opposite the Dalian Railway Station. Large -scale comprehensive shopping squares that integrate shopping, leisure, catering and entertainment. Commodities are mainly low -end.

  2. Kristy says:

    It depends on what clothes you buy. If you have better quality, go to the railway station and the shopping malls near Xi'an Road. If you buy a luxury point, you will go to the friendship mall in Zhongshan Plaza. Small shops around major universities

  3. Thomas says:

    Da Cai City and Erqi are sold. It is sold on the 3rd floor of Da Cai City and sells dry seafood on the first floor of the building in South Korea. On the other floor of the wholesale of the jewelry, I saw two.

  4. Paula says:

    Xi'an Lu Roosevelt, Wanda Plaza, the Great World of Two Seventh Trading, Wenzhou City, Dalian Shopping Mall, Bervi Nian.

  5. Angelica says:

    South China Plaza, Xinggong Street, Xi'an Road, Qingni Bridge, Da Cai City, all have it
    It what you want to buy, what price, buy for adults, or children

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