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  1. Teresa says:

    Stealing Dongxi may be detained for about 15 days, or it may be detained for 37 days. Specifically, if the theft is not guilty, then it will generally be detained for less than 15 days. If the value of the stolen property is relatively high, it is suspected that the theft is suspected, so it will be detention for 37 days.
    [Legal analysis]
    Is when dealing with theft cases, the public security organs need to determine whether they are suspected of theft of theft based on the amount of theft and the number of thefts involved in the case, and then decide to make public security The punishment is to end the investigation as soon as possible and transfer the case to the procuratorate for handling. If "it is necessary" to investigate criminal responsibility, the amount of theft must be large or huge, and at the same time, it has other serious circumstances, causing family members and relatives to be indignant, and requires criminal responsibility. If the family property of family members is repeatedly stolen, the family members and relatives will not be changed after education. The relative property of theft without a source of life, causing difficulties in life, or causing other serious consequences. The amount of theft is particularly huge, squandering and wasteful, unable to recover, causing major losses to family members and relatives. The subjective and malignant theft is deep, and theft has been repeatedly theft. The amount of theft is not large due to various reasons, and the amount of theft is not large. Family members and relatives are inferior and other serious consequences due to theft.
    [Legal basis]
    "Punishment of Public Security Management Punishment of the People's Republic of China" Article 49 Theft, fraud, grabbing, robbing, extortion or intentional damage to public and private property Detention can be fined below 500 yuan; if the circumstances are heavier, detained for more than ten days and less than 15 days, and can be fined for less than 1,000 yuan.
    The "Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 91 of Article 91 of the Public Security Organs who believe that arrests need to be arrested, they shall be requested to the People's Procuratorate for review and approval within three days after detention. Under special circumstances, the time for reviewing and approval can be extended one day to four days. For major suspects who have committed crimes, committed crimes, and committing crimes, the time for reviewing and approval can be extended to 30 days. The People's Procuratorate shall make a decision to approve or not approve the arrest within seven days after receiving the public security organs for approval of the arrest. If the People's Procuratorate does not approve the arrest, the public security organs shall be released immediately after receiving the notice, and will be notified to the People's Procuratorate in time. For those who need to continue investigation and meet the conditions for bail pending trials and monitor the living conditions, they will take bail pending trials or monitor their residence in accordance with the law.

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