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  1. Vigorously develop a circular economy to build a resource -saving society

    -Zhaoyuan City Development Circular Economy Survey and Thinking

    N Zhaoyuan is located in the northwest of the Jiaodong Peninsula, with a total area of ​​1433 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 10 towns, 4 street offices and 1 provincial development zone. one. At present, it is ranked 59th among the top 100 counties and cities across the country. In recent years, in accordance with the unified deployment of the state, provincial and Yantai, we have regarded the development of the development circular economy as a specific action to implement the scientific concept of development, and promoted the comprehensive coordination and sustainable development of the economy and society. In 2004, the city achieved a gross GDP of 16.2 billion yuan, and local fiscal revenue was 510 million yuan, an increase of 19%and 36%respectively; the energy consumption of 10,000 yuan GDP was 0.83 tons of standard coal, and the amount of water removal was 36 tons, a decrease of 0.28%and 3.2 respectively. %; Industrial water repetitive utilization rate reached 78.9%, an increase of 5.4 percentage points.

    . The practical significance of Zhaoyuan's development of the circular economy

    The circular economy is the main way and method of implementing a sustainable development strategy. And important guarantee for implementing the scientific concept of development. Zhaoyuan's vigorous promotion of the circular economy is mainly based on the following four considerations:

    First, Zhaoyuan is a resource -based city. Zhaoyuan's mineral resources are very rich, and there are more than 200 million tons of mineral reserves. It is rich in various minerals such as gold, silver, copper, granite, etc., especially the reserves and output of gold and granite. At present, the golden proven reserves, reserves and gold production ranks first in the county level (city) nationwide, with 3 larger granite mines. In 2004, the city's total mining value accounted for 31.4%of the city's total industrial output value. Long -term mining makes Zhaoyuan, like most resource -based cities, facing the heavy pressure of resource gradually depleting, low circulation utilization, and fragile ecological environment; Zhaoyuan is also a city with a relatively short supply of resources and energy. There is no coal in the jurisdiction. , Oil and other resources, the contradiction between supply and demand such as land, water, electricity, etc., has become an important factor restricting economic development.

    Secondly, Zhaoyuan is an industrial leading city. There are many categories and strong foundations in Zhaoyuan. There are more than 1,400 industrial enterprises. They are mainly distributed in high consumption and high -emission industries such as gold, automotive parts, electronics, chemicals, light textiles, food, and building materials. Efficiency also has greater excavation potential. In 2004, the sales revenue of industries above designated size achieved 38.2 billion yuan, with a profit and tax of 4.55 billion yuan, an increase of 49%and 75%, respectively.

    Third, Zhaoyuan's urban and rural residents have very urgent requirements for environmental quality. Since the "15th", Zhaoyuan's average GDP has increased by 15.4%annually, and the average annual increase in local fiscal revenue has increased by 31.3%. With the rapid growth of the economy, the living standards of urban and rural residents have continued to improve. In 2004, Zhaoyuan's disposable income reached 9622 yuan, the per capita net income of farmers reached 4998 yuan, and the balance of savings deposits of residents reached 7.29 billion yuan. While urban and rural residents are met in material life, they have put forward higher requirements for the quality of production and living environment. In recent years, the Municipal People's Congress proposal and the CPPCC proposal involved environmental and environmental protection account for one -sixth of the total.

    Fourth, Zhaoyuan develops the foundation of the circular economy better. Since the 1990s, Zhaoyuan City has comprehensively promoted the creation of national sanitary cities and national environmental protection model cities. It has passed the acceptance and review several times in a row, and has launched the work of ecological cities in an all -round way. In 2004, it ranked third in the quantitative assessment of the comprehensive rectification of urban environment in Shandong Province. A good environmental protection and ecological environment lays a solid foundation for the development of the circular economy.

    Based on the above understanding, Zhaoyuan City included the development of the development of circular economy into an important agenda for economic work. Get rid of the excessive dependence of economic growth on resources, promote the transformation of resource -based cities and the transformation of economic growth, and realize the coordination and unity of economic, social and ecological benefits.

    . The basic practice of the development of the recycling economy of Zhaoyuan City

    In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of the development cycle economy, based on the reality of Zhaoyuan, focusing on the resource -based city The transformation of the transformation, the transformation of economic growth, and the creation of ecological cities have achieved certain results in developing a circular economy and building a resource -saving society. Mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

    (1) Establish a new outlook on resource to promote the transformation of resource -based cities in a circular economy

    It in the development and utilization of natural resources, we Fully consider the bearing capacity of the natural ecosystem, save natural resources as much as possible, continuously improve the efficiency of utilization, and recycling resources, forming a virtuous circle of reasonable and orderly development and utilization. In the link of resource development, unified planning and orderly development. In accordance with the principles of controlling and protective development, the overall planning of minerals, land and water resources is scientifically formulated, and natural resources such as land, minerals, and water are protected and rationally developed in accordance with the law to effectively prevent the attenuation of resources. In recent years, we have successively formulated and introduced Zhaoyuan's "General Plan for Mineral Resources", "Control of Land Use Control" and "Water Resources Development and Utilization Plan" to provide orderly, scientific and efficient resources in accordance with the law, and provide the ecological environment to provide the ecological environment. A solid guarantee. In 2004, we launched a new round of overall land planning and repair on the basis of the original basis, reasonably planned urban space layout, optimized land resource allocation, and reserved more incremental space for economic development. In the aspect of resource utilization, we will continuously improve the utilization of resource utilization and output. On the one hand, improve the level of intensive utilization from the source to avoid waste and excessive and plunder mining of resources. For the mining of mineral resources such as gold and granite, we implement a strict market access system to improve the qualification threshold for detectives and mining rights. Villages and individuals are strictly forbidden to engage in exploration and mining. Over the past few years, the city's geological exploration and mining permits have maintained 100%; for land resources, while strict construction and approval of construction land and controlling new construction land, it improves land investment intensity and use efficiency. In 2003, we issued the "Regulations on the Management of Land in Development Zone", stipulating that the project investment in the development zone shall not be less than 1 million yuan per acre; for water resources, strictly review the industrial water plan, guide enterprises to add water -saving facilities and sewage purification of sewage purification Facilities, water resources costs are requisitioned for super -planned water, prompting enterprises to save water. Strict cities' own well -being management, collecting water resources in accordance with the law, effectively protecting groundwater resources. In 2004, the output value of 10 households in the city's key water enterprises decreased by 48%year -on -year, and water saving increased efficiency by 4.86 million yuan. We have also invested 156 million yuan, developed water -saving irrigation area of ​​more than 44,000 acres, and 48 million square meters of water can be saved annually. On the other hand, vigorously promote the use of cycle and continuously improve the efficiency of resources. In terms of land circulation, a variety of ways to activate urban inefficient use or idle land for enterprises around the city. A total of 620 acres of collective construction land and 534 acres of state -owned construction land were excavated. In the mortgage mortgage of the bank loan land use rights, more than 80 acres of existing land; in the use of water resources, actively developed water recovery. We invested 50 million yuan to build a three -phase project of sewage treatment, which increased the daily sewage capacity of urban daily treatment to nearly 50,000 tons. The urban sewage treatment rate was 100%. Essence In the field of resource protection, implementation of governance and rectification according to law. Focusing on the protection of mineral resources, a "four remediation" activity was carried out: first, mining order rectification. In 2002, we incorporated the mining order into the "strict" pattern of "strict fighting". The largest mining order rectification in history was carried out. 395 illegal mines have been cleaned up, 138 were selected, and 7,500 migrant workers were repatriated. In addition, we also carried out a comprehensive rectification activity of granite mining order, and successively banned 16 illegal quarry fields. At present, the city's mining resources management has entered a benign development track. In 2003, the special rectification site of non -coal mines nationwide was held in our city. Second, the land market order rectification. Regularly carry out the rectification of the order of the land market order, comprehensively clean up the land for industrial projects that are not used and use more, and use the land for projects that are recovered. Third, the use of urban groundwater order rectification. The "Implementation Plan on Closing the Underground Well in the Urban Area" was formulated, and 10 cases of illegal wells were investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law. Fourth, geological environment rectification. Pay great importance to the negative impact of mineral resources on the economic and society, adhere to the principle of "edge development and side governance", and comprehensively increase the improvement of the geological environment. We have organized four large -scale mining geological environment surveys and evaluations, thoroughly figured out the foundation of the city's geological environment, compiled the "Zhaoyuan Mining Ecological Environmental Protection and Plan", and successively delineated 31 various types of protected areas. The total area of ​​232 square kilometers. At the same time, the "Opinions on Further Strengthening Geological Environmental Management Work" and "Development and Utilization of Mineral Resources Collection of Geological Environmental Governance Reserve" were formulated and issued by Zhaoyuan. In principle, supervise mining companies to do a good job of geological environmental protection and restoration of governance. Over the past few years, a total of more than 80 million yuan has been completed, 19 areas of collapse areas and 96 wastestone piles; more than 1,500 acres of tailing mining warehouses in the annual reclamation, and 46.3%of the land reclamation rate; 88%of mining companies implement mining tail -tailed sand wells. The filling method is reduced by 2 million tons of tailings each year; three companies use gold tailings and granite saw powder to refine building materials. In 2003, the municipal government invested 26 million yuan to convert an area of ​​about 300 acres of golden tail mines in the central area of ​​the development zone and converted into a leisure and entertainment Phoenix Ridge Park, becoming an important landscape of urban greening. In the aspect of resource sustainable development, vigorously implement the "Jinxing Workers" strategy. In the upstream, further increase the exploration efforts, implement the "going global" strategy, and do a good job of strategic reserves and strategic expansion of resources; in the middle reaches, give full play to the advantages of resources and funding, guide gold enterprises, automotive parts, electronics, and electronics, electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics, and electronics. The development and application projects in pharmaceuticals and other fields gradually realize the industrial pattern of half of the underground underground and half of the ground in gold enterprises; in the downstream, the construction of the gold jewelery market is the starting point, and the diversity of various elements such as gold, silver, copper, iron, arsenic, arsenic and other diversified elements Extend the industrial chain. We are preparing the Golden Technology R

  2. 7. Contact our party in the current situation to propose the grand goal of building a harmonious socialist society, as well as the development ideas of establishing and implementing the scientific concept of development. Establish and implement the relationship between the scientific development concept.

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    The major constraints of my country's economic and social development are: my country's resources and energy are increasingly tense, which pose a threat to the sustainable development of our country. On the other hand, the waste of resources in my country's economic development is too serious, and the resource utilization rate and economic efficiency are extremely low. Building a conservation development model is our inevitable choice, and it is also a concrete manifestation of building a harmonious society in socialism, establishing and implementing the scientific concept of development.

    [Related data essence]

    related materials 1: Build goals and ways to build a conservation society

    The comprehensive consideration of the trend and conditions of my country's development in the next five years. During the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" period, it is necessary to achieve the sustainable and rapid health development of the national economy and the comprehensive progress of society, and to achieve important stages of progress in building a well -off society in an all -round way. The main goal is: on the basis of optimizing the structure, improvement of benefits, and reducing consumption, the per capita per capita per capita domestic product is turned over in 2001; At the end of the "Fifth Five -Year Plan" period, about 20%, the trend of the deterioration of the ecological environment is basically curb, and the reduction of the cultivation of cultivated land can be effectively controlled

    2. The way to save society

    Change the way of economic growth. my country's land, freshwater, energy, mineral resources and environmental conditions have seriously restricted economic development. It is necessary to make saving resources as the basic national policy, develop a circular economy, protect the ecological environment, accelerate the construction of resource -saving and environmentally friendly society, and promote the coordination of economic development and population, resources, and environment. Promote the national economy and social informatization, effectively follow the road of new industrialization, adhere to the development of development, clean development, and safe development, and to achieve sustainable development.

    related materials 2: Build the significance, requirements and work deployment of conservation society

    . Accelerate the important strategic significance and requirements of building a conservation society

    (1) Significance: 1. Speed ​​up construction and saving society, which is determined by my country's basic national conditions. Second, accelerating the construction of a conservation society is an inevitable requirement for implementing the scientific concept of development. Third, accelerating the construction of a conservation society is an important guarantee for comprehensively building a well -off society. Fourth, accelerating the construction of a conservation society is an important measure to ensure economic security and national security.

    (2) The general requirements are: guided by Deng Xiaoping theory and the important ideas of "three representatives" as the guidance, conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development, follow the road of new industrialization, adhere to the development and conservation of resources In the first policy, focusing on saving resources and improving the efficiency of resource utilization as the core, focusing on energy conservation, water -saving, materials, land saving, comprehensive utilization and development of resources, focusing on the development of reform and opening up and scientific and technological progress as the driving force to promote the system to promote the system Innovation, mechanism innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, comprehensively use various methods such as economy, law, administration, science and technology, and education, adopt more powerful measures to comprehensively save resources, accelerate the transformation of economic development models, establish a conservation production model, consumption consumption, consumption consumption Models and urban construction models, in order to build a conservative society to achieve substantial progress and obvious results as soon as possible.

    2. Guiding ideas and key tasks of building a conservation society

    (1) Guided by Deng Xiaoping theory and "three representatives" as the guidance, conscientiously implement the party's ten The spirit of the Sixth and Sixteen Central Committee of the Sixteen Central Committee, establish and implement the people -oriented, comprehensive coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept, adhere to the equal emphasis on resource development and savings, focus on the principles of the first place, and focus on the way to realize economic growth methods. The fundamental change is the core, focusing on the efficiency of resource utilization, focusing on energy conservation, water -saving, materials, land saving, and comprehensive utilization and development of resources, accelerating structural adjustment, promoting technological progress, strengthening legal construction, improving policies and measures, and improving policies and measures. Strengthen awareness of conservation, establish and improve the system and mechanism of conservation society as soon as possible, and gradually form a conservation method and consumer model, and promote the sustainable economic and social development with the efficient and recycling of resources.

    (2) The key task of accelerating the construction of society is: (1) Vigorously promote energy conservation. (2) In -depth saving water. (3) Actively promote raw materials. (4) Strengthen the land conservation and intensive use of land. (5) Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources.

    3. Adhere to the people -oriented, comprehensive coordination and sustainable scientific development concept, and better promote economic and social development.

    (1) In -depth inspection of the wishes of the people, and effectively reflect the fundamental interests of maintaining and realizing the majority of the people in the political policy and deployment of party leadership development, and implement them into all of the economic and social development. aspect.

    (2) unifying economic construction with promoting political construction and cultural construction, and promoting comprehensive progress of society and comprehensive development of people. Promote the establishment of overall planning of urban and rural development, coordinating regional development, overall economic and social development, harmonious development of people and nature, and overall domestic development and opening up to the outside world.

    (3) Establish a comprehensive evaluation system that reflects the requirements of scientific development. Pay attention to strengthening weak links in guidelines and policies and measures. In particular, we must pay special attention to solving the problems of agricultural, rural areas, and farmers; attach importance to the implementation of the strategy of old industrial bases such as the development strategy of the western region and revitalize the northeast region, promote the rise of the central region, support the old revolutionary areas, a few small number Ethnic areas, frontier areas, and other underdeveloped areas to accelerate development; attach importance to expanding employment and employment and improving social security systems; attach importance to the development of education, science and technology, culture, health, sports and other social undertakings; pay attention to family planning, saving resources, and protecting the environment And safe production, vigorously develop the circular economy, and build a conservation society. To implement the scientific concept of development, we must adhere to the actual situation, adapt to local conditions, guide the guidance, and actively promote it.

    Related materials 3: The proposal and necessity of "build a conservation society"

    . The need for the current economic development of my country's economic development

    The country is the country with the worst production resources in the world. In 2003, China's GDP was less than 5%of the world, but coal consumption accounted for about 30%of the world, electricity consumption accounted for about 13%, steel consumption accounted for 25%, and cement accounted for about 50%. A research report from the National Bureau of Statistics of China pointed out that China is less concerned about the waste caused by illegal production, excess production, and high -energy consumption production. These waste consumption of social resources and consume a lot of social resources are the biggest obstacles to the construction of a conservation society in China.

    . When the idea of ​​building a conservation society

    For the huge waste of my country's economic development, especially in production activities, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have always been highly valued.

    (1) At the Third Plenary Session of the Fourteenth Central Committee of the Party held in 1995, it proposed a strategic requirement to realize two fundamental transformations of the "economic growth" and "economic system".

    (2) In October 2003, the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee was held in Beijing. Development requirements. Since then, in response to the outstanding problems in my country's economic life, a series of reform measures that have been related to the overall economic and social development of my country's economic and social development, promote the changes in my country's economic growth methods, and reduce consumption in the production process have been introduced.

    (3) The opportunity to implement the "Administrative Licensing Law" on July 1, 2004 as an opportunity, and various government departments cleaned a large number of administrative licenses and returned the behavior that should have been determined by the market to return it to the market to return it to the market to return it to the market. market.

    (4) On the afternoon of June 27, 2005, Hu Jintao pointed out that "saving energy resources, high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, low environmental pollution, human resources advantages have been fully exerted to fully play The way to adhere to and implement the concept of scientific development is also a major issue that is related to the overall economic and social sustainable development of my country's economy and society. "Since then, the State Council has issued the" Notice of the State Council for the Construction of Society for Construction and Social Society ", which is conserved. Social work was deployed.

    [Perseverance of the Proposition Viewing]

    The angle of the question of this material is mainly: the use of "World Economy and Politics" related knowledge points to compare my country with other developed countries and development. The efficiency of national economic resources, combined with the violent growth of international oil prices in more than a year, and the severe international situation in my country's energy supply, etc., requires the necessity and significance of building a conservation society and its possible ways (such as relying on scientific and technological progress, etc. To.

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