1. Mona says:

    The purpose of advertising is to sell products.
    Whether it is any era, as long as you do business, advertising is the top priority. It is particularly important now because the material is extremely rich and the competition is extremely fierce. Your advertisement is even more like a sniper rifle. You must leave a memory point in the customer's mind to allow customers to buy products.
    The purpose of advertising is not how elegant writing is, not to let others praise how good this advertisement is. The purpose of the advertisement is to let everyone listen and read it, and try to buy advertising products to try it.

    The period of the famous politicians. After a politician finished speaking, everyone shouted and said very well. Another politician was finished, and no one said that the politician talked well. But everyone began to be excited and ready to fight.

    Apparently, I agree with the speaker who let people fight after the speech.

    The is the same as the boss. You don't want to speak, everyone thinks that you are knowledgeable and make sense. The purpose of your speech is to drive employees to work better. It is driving customers to pay. Even if you release your value, you can let everyone know that you have more materials and let customers pay.

    I to do a project, the method of advertising is to recruit 3 advertising planning. Use the same team to promote these three advertising advertisements. Of course, there are so many promotion costs. At the same time, who has a high advertising transaction rate. Whose advertisement is used. Then continue to optimize new advertisements, so that the products will be better and better.
    The advertisement for the product is a good advertisement.
    The understanding of technology can only make small money, but if you sell your technology to more people through the Internet, you can make a lot of money. Become an expert, you can also do such a project. For example, you can learn some simple fur knowledge. Find a person who really likes this line and be proficient in this line to cooperate. You support each other and divide it from it. He operated, you promoted. This is much simpler. All you need to do is to keep learning and researching and promoting, and your income can be N times of ordinary people. Why? Many people have been studying too much, ignoring promotion. In fact, the most profitable thing in this society is research and promotion. Emotional knowledge, such as psychological counseling knowledge. Everyone has faith and needs, you can do such a project.

    The actually selling service is the best way to monetize. Previously, I saw a clinic guy on Douyin. I share a reasonable way to eat a reasonable diet in patients with stomach disease every day. There are many people with stomach problems in China, and Stomach disease requires seven points and three points for treatment. He did a community to sell consulting services. Customers have various stomach problems, and he will patiently answer to help many patients treat stomach problems. This is a project that benefits himself. There is also a little girl who is in love on Himalayan. She has made an emotional voice program and attracted 1 million fans. Many businesses ask her to cooperate. Of course, she also does an emotional community service.

    The is the case from the media era. What do you good at and what knowledge and experience do you have, you can share it on the Internet. With fans, you set up a threshold community, and someone must pay for it. Everyone can use this thinking to do business. You can do it by yourself, or you can find a master to cooperate. In short, you can suck fans even if you are terrible. In the future society, it is the society where fans eat, release value, and constantly attract fans, which is the door to make money.

    The resources around any resources, fortune telling, depending on the phase, feng shui, carving, selling snacks, picking up online, and establishing a circle is the core secret of making money. Whoever knows a lot of secrets will make money, and there is a secret to make money. Since ancient times, it has not changed.

    Thising marketing is to do everything possible for others to pay us. In this way, we sell it for our customers. To make sales is to find customers to buy products, so that we are struggling, and customers are painful. Some of them regret it after buying the product and feel fooled. So be a marketer and not to sell a dog.

    This to do projects and do things, you must use your own advantages. Do not lose your advantages. The Internet is a tool. You sell your own advantageous products. For example, you are a collector. You can sell collections. It is a lawyer. You can even sell your own lawyers. story. If your PS is particularly good, you can also enroll PS teaching online.

    The profit product = demand scarcity, measure whether a thing can do, I can conclude in just a few seconds. Just look at demand and scarcity!

    The advertisement on the network is a project. Any successful person on the Internet is a case. Sister Feng is a project, and Wang Sicong is a project. You can't learn Wang Sicong, and you must have learned Sister Feng.

    The world is good for all the world, and the world is full of benefits. Everything you see is essentially advertising, it is a charge information, and it is not possible to get up early. No one will do things that do not make money, especially those who are high people. It is a person who makes money for projects.
    , that is, on the Internet, posts or videos that enter our eyes are ten or nine, which is a project.

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  2. Grady says:

    Jewelry jewelry processing is divided into many types of work, such as jewelry design, carving wax, inverted, molding, inlaid, electroplating, polishing, etc. Basically everyone is responsible for one job, becoming a cooked master can get high treatment. Jewelry design is more promising than the latter, but requires ability and education to be higher than the latter. Having said so much, generally speaking, jewelry processing is better than other industries.

  3. Andrea says:

    It depends on market demand, but jewelry has always been very market. The consumer groups in China are mainly women over 30 years old. There are no women who do not love jewelry, haha, so there will be a market if there is demand. of

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