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  1. Ollie says:

    It is best not to use it. There are many cleaning methods:

    The maintenance method of rose gold basically follows the maintenance rules of 18K gold; mainly pay attention to several aspects:
    . Be careful when wearing daily wear , Prevent scraping; pay attention to the following points.
    (1) Due to the high ductility of K gold, be careful not to pull the necklace and other accessories often, and be careful not to wrap it on the hair.
    (2) When doing home cleaning work, you should first remove K gold jewelry, because liquids such as detergent will make the color of K gold jewelry darker.
    (3) Generally wear K gold jewelry in the last step of dress, because chemicals such as perfume and eruption will cause damage to K gold jewelry.
    Mo swimming in K gold jewelry. In addition to being easy to lose, saline and chlorine water will also damage the K gold jewelry.
    It is to maintain regular maintenance.
    (1) regularly clean the K gold jewelry. You can buy a bottle of jewelry washing liquid by yourself. drying.
    (2) The problem requires professional jewelry maintenance agencies.
    three is that the environment that is stored does not need to be worn and pays attention.
    (1) Each K gold jewelry is placed independently in different jewelry boxes or drawers to avoid scraping.
    (2) Pay attention to the preservation environment of rose gold to avoid contact with the acid -base environment and chemicals; saline and chlorine water will also damage 18K rose gold jewelry.
    1. The luster of the gold jewelry can be used to apply a layer of nail polish thinly.
    2. If there are black silver films on the surface, 2 grams of salt, 7 grams of soda, 8 grams of bleaching powder, 60 ml of water, and make it into a "golden device cleaning agent", put the gold jewelry in a bowl in a bowl , Pour in the cleaning agent. After 2 hours, remove the golden jewelry, rinse with water (preferably not hard water), buried in the wood chips to dry, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.
    3. The ring inlaid rolls a piece of cotton with a popsicle or match stick. After wetting in the mixed fluid of the flower dew and glycerin, when scrubbing the gem, the frame is cleared, and then the rings are brightened with a velvet cloth. Do not scrape it with a kind of sharp objects.
    4. Salt and vinegar mixed synthetic cleaning agents. Use it to wipe pure gold jewelry, which can make a long time.
    5. Wipe the toothpaste or scrub it with the hot rice soup to restore the gloss.
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