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  1. united states jewelry wholesale What is QQ gaming currency?
    The game currency is a virtual currency specifically used in QQ games.
    What is the use of game currency?
    The game currency can be used in the recharge game of QQ games (existing shuttles, 21 points, game coins chess, game coin fighting landlords, game coins and chess, etc.), or in the game hall Buy special props (existing QQ mahjong, flying chess, etc.) in some games with special props
    On how to get QQ game coins?
    Is you can get game coins in the following two ways:
    The Q coins exchanged game coins
    1Q coins can be exchanged for 10,000 game coins. In addition to redeeming this page, you can also enter the QQ game hall (download and install the address:
    ), click the "game currency button" at the top, and directly exchange the game coin with Q coins to exchange game coins ; Or log in
    to exchange.
    The game coin to win the opponent in the "recharge game" of QQ games
    Playing the game in the recharge game of QQ games, winning or losing is directly linked to your game currency, also The winner will win the game currency of the loser

  2. nice fashion jewelry wholesale It was used to be exchanged between gaming coins and Q coins. It's just a bit difference.
    is canceled now, and only Q coins can be used to exchange game coins. Game coins can only be entertaining in QQ games, just gambling. Hope to adopt!

  3. la jewelry wholesale Gaming coins are virtual game data used in QQ games. They are limited to the game props in the game, or in some special game fields as points units to increase the fun of the game, which is a manifestation of player level.

  4. china acrylic jewelry storage box wholesale Hello, the original poster is very happy to serve you,
    The use of the game:
    1. Game currency field game
    2. Buy the item of the game currency field (log in to the game currency field, look at the prop on the right, The game props can be purchased through the game currency)
    If you can help you to adopt it, I wish you a happy game
    o (∩_∩) o

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