wholesale jewelry waltham ma Why don't inflation in online games?

wholesale jewelry waltham ma

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  1. how to wholesale jewelry to boutiques The reason for inflation is caused by changes in supply and demand relationships in the economy. During a given time, the level of prices in the given economy generally continued to grow, which caused the continuous decline in currency purchasing power, which caused inflation.
    The game does not have inflation, but because of the limitation of the virtual world of the game, it just shows it through another form.

    For example, the legendary game that was once very hot. At that time, I had been in contact with it for a while. At the beginning, a piece of equipment in the game may require 1 million game coins, And the player's ability to make money is very weak. It may only make dozens of game coins at a time, then 1 million is a huge sum, and the game is proceeding. Players will generally become stronger and stronger, and their ability to make money will become higher and higher. At the tenth level, the next copy will make hundreds of hundreds, and it will make hundreds of thousands at once at level 50. For the same equipment, 1 million Just the next two copies. Is the equipment depreciated for this situation? No, but when you really reach level 50 players, you may not care about that 30 -level equipment, but have higher goals, and that higher goal, naturally, need more The game currency is just that the game is continuously attracted by the player, and it is impossible to set the game difficulty as difficult as the real world. At the same time, because of the operability of the game world, the player's vision is only not looking forward. Players’s Gaming currency always needs to buy better equipment without paying attention to equipment that has nothing to do with its own level.

    So the currency in the game is also depreciating, but because the player has higher goals, it ignores this.

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