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  1. As of August 11, 2021, a total of 251 blockchain concept stocks listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities were listed.
    It, I will focus on the industry leaders:
    Yongfu Co., Ltd. (300712): The company's business has now covered the fields of major data, industrial Internet, blockchain, and Internet of Things related to digital China. Guohuanet Anan (000004): The company has been actively participating in the ecological construction of Hongmeng system, and has completed the adaptation of the Ark compiler and the Hongmeng system, including HAP adaptation work to ensure that the products of both parties are compatible with each other. Tianyin Holdings (000829): In the country, the company's first bid to win the Beijing Fucai sales terminal (special equipment) purchase project, which successfully expanded the company's business territory, and the industry status has also been further improved; in terms of foreign business, the company signed with Jamaica National Lottery operators. A series of solutions such as software and hardware such as software and hardware are provided with customers in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Nigeria, the Philippines and other countries. 4. Visual China (000681): The company is the first platform -type cultural and technological enterprise in China to apply copyright visual content services in China.
    5. Ping An Bank (000001): With the strategic goal of creating "China's most outstanding and the world's leading intelligent retail banking", we will continue to adhere to the "technological leadership, retail breakthroughs, and do the public" twelve -character strategy policy. On this basis, comprehensively upgrade the new three -year strategic measures and promote business development to a new level.
    6. Tongda Electric (603390): In December 2019, the company stated on the interactive platform that the company's wholly -owned subsidiary has the "blockchain multimedia distribution platform v1.0" software copyright.
    7. Ren Zixing (300311): It is positioned as providing users with Internet space data control, network and information security, data security, and data value -added solutions and services to assist the government and operators to manage the network and communication digital resources.
    8. Tianzhou Culture (300148): The company invested in Tianhe Culture Chain to actively deploy the relevant copyright deposit certificate, digital content storage distribution and cultural innovation application of the blockchain, and promote blockchain technology in culture, publication, education, and education, education, and Integrated innovation and integration applications in the game and other business fields help the development of the blockchain copyright industry.
    9. Gaohong (000851): The company is a member of the Blockchain Security Laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The company's trusted software copyright protection system is based on trusted computing technology, confidential computing technology, and operating system security reinforcement technology to protect the security of target software in all aspects; It can be applied to emerging technology application scenarios such as blockchain and AI.
    10. Sinkin Medical Hui (300078): The company has applied blockchain technology in the field of independent third -party data encryption services to protect hospital data assets and patient privacy, and solve the problem of data security in the medical industry. The company will continue to explore the application of blockchain technology in the medical field.
    11. Zhongqingbao (300052): Based on independent research and development of the Linechain blockchain technology, the company creates the favorable chain infrastructure cloud platform, and uses the parent company Zhongqingbao in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, physical things For many years of accumulation and prominent advantages in the field of networking, smart cities, etc., through "Liche Chain Industry/Government/City", a complete blockchain end -to -end solution is formed.
    12. Dashen Intelligent (002421): The company signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Beijing Taiyiyun Technology Co., Ltd., which intends to build an open and win -win "Blockchain Intelligent House Federation" ecological chain.

    above is the blockchain leader listed company statistics. The statistics are not expected to forgive me, I hope to communicate with everyone, thank you for your attention!

  2. Brilliant technology, three or five interconnections, Zhongxin tourism, installation and construction, Halo New Net, Dongxu Blue Sky, Aikang Technology, Huijin Technology, and successfully run these listed companies.

  3. There are many, such as Wutong Technology, Guosheng Financial Holdings, Xinchen Technology, Shenzhou Digital, Shen Datong, etc. The business scale of these companies is relatively large and strong.

  4. There are 216 in total, and the strength of these companies is relatively strong. At the same time, it also obtained a super high profit target in a short period of time. The increase in stocks is relatively large.

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