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  1. If your display has the S-Video terminal interface, you can directly connect the set-top box and the display. As for the audio, you can connect the speaker with two red and white lines. If not, it is useless to buy a TV box.
    Id digital video transformation box (SET TOP BOX) abbreviated referred to as STB, which is usually called a set -top box or on -board box. It is a device that connects the TV and external signal sources. It can convert the compressed digital signal into TV content and display it on the TV.
    The signal can come from the line cable, satellite antenna, broadband network and ground broadcast. In addition to the images and sounds that can be provided by the set -top box, they can receive digital content, including electronic program guidelines, Internet webpages, and so on.
    The use households can watch digital TV programs on existing TVs, and can conduct interactive digital entertainment, education and commercialization activities through the network.
    The hardware interface requirements:
    The basic configuration of the set -top box hardware should have 3 types of physical interfaces, that is, the uplink network interface, downward sound video interface, and infrared remote control interface. You can also configure a variety of auxiliary interfaces as needed.
    The network side interface: One or more interfaces can be configured as needed.
    The interface types include high-speed Ethernet interface 10/100base-T, ADSL interface (device with built-in XDSLMODEM), wireless LAN interface (can provide the following wireless LAN access standards according to the access conditions. Interface. In the 2.4GHz frequency band, the transmission rate is 11Mbit/s, which should meet the IEEE802.11b standard.
    In the 5.8GHz band, the transmission rate is 54Mbit/s, which should meet the IEEE802.11A standard; Inside, the transmission rate is 54mbit/s, which shall meet the IEEE802.11g standard).
    audio and video interface: The video output interface has a composite video output terminal and S-Video video output terminal; the audio output interface has analog audio output interface and digital audio output interface.
    infant interface: The transmission distance, infrared launch angle, and the ceiling box to receive infrared signals were used to use the infrared remote control to receive the basic requirements of the IRDA1.1 protocol (fast infrared protocol).
    Auxing interface: for options, including USB interfaces, downblowing Ethernet interfaces, Z interfaces and serial interfaces.

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