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  1. interchangeable snap jewelry wholesale Since gift giving is an art, it has its own rules, who give it to who, whatever, and how to send it. According to some successful gifts and failures of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, at least we should pay attention to the following principles:
    The gifts related to rituals, first courtesy and then benefit, and courteous benefits.
    Ancient people: The clothes of the clothes are worried. This means that when wearing other people's clothes, there will be other people's hearts or hidden concerns. In other words, receiving gifts from others must be done for others. Therefore, if you want to ask for a person, you must first learn to give gifts to others.
    of course, asking for a matter of doing things, good gifts, proper methods, all happy. If you do n’t send it well, you will feel at ease. Therefore, asking for gifts to grasp the skills.
    The people who ask for gifts cannot be temporarily hugged. It is best to spend the New Year, or give the gift when the other party is sick, or when the other party is sick. It is easy to achieve its own purpose.
    This should pay attention to strategies for gifts. Sometimes it is better to send the other person's favorite thing. It is especially important that this method of giving for family members like this sometimes changes the quality of the friendship between you and the other party, and has an unexpected effect, and then builds a private friendship with a higher closeness.
    Is to give gifts for others, not blindly reckless, and suppress me with etiquette. You must understand the interests of the other party. Some of them are targeted, cleverly arranged, and the other party is easy to accept gifts.
    In today's commodity societ "This has become the general rules of business public relations.
    Gift feedback is a lubricant for enterprises, partners, and customers to maintain a good relationship. Compared with other public relations methods, gift feedback has a clear direction and good return. Therefore There is a considerable proportion in the annual public relations budget.
    The public relations departments of many large companies have special storage in the computer. They have records of some major public relations, status, and hobbies, and birthdays. Or special gift giving behaviors to consolidate and develop your own relationship network, establish and improve your business status.
    ● Seeking gifts
    food gift boxes to buy exquisite packaging high -end food golden pen, pen gift box to buy well -known brands of pens CD, DVD disc Tickets for small gift vouchers or performance arts are sent to the other party to watch, but it is not easy to get the high -energy moon cakes, Christmas trees and other festivals, which are suitable for giving cash visits, occasions and relationships in the corresponding festivals. The gift book is valuable and packaged, the beautifully packaged boutique brand clothing shirts, complete set of famous brand suits and other gift celebrities and calligraphy and paintings to send bonsai, root carving, and famous flower confirmation of these precious plant traditional crafts such as Tang Sancai , Jingtai Lan, Embroidery and other gifts for special products to select the most distinctive products of the local area
    ● Public relations gifts
    This pens
    S selection of famous manufacturers, the name of the company with gift gifts
    calendars n n calendars n n calendars n R n The workmanship is exquisite, and the company's propaganda text should not be too much
    pocket calculator,
    Make on the company's logo

    clock clock
    The company names of gifts presented with gifts
    If the company is a producer of wine, such gifts will be more popular
    Buy purchase The thick and exquisite printed book is printed with the company's name
    small knife
    is best made of famous brand merchants, such as Swiss knife
    The glass of the pattern will be welcomed:
    Plap shirt or suit company is best for the clothing manufacturer of the clothing. The gift will be more meaningful
    n1. Borrowing the flower of the Buddha
    If you send the soil products, it can be said that it was brought by a hometown. It would give the other party to try something new. Ask him to accept it. Generally speaking, the ritual who is afraid of your purpose because he is afraid of your purpose is too strong. It is expected to ease and will accept your gifts. Such as:
    The peach
    Jiading bamboo carvings
    . Songjiang bass
    2. Dark crossing Chencang
    If you are sending things like wine, you might as well say that someone else gives you two bottles of two bottles Wine, come to drink with the other party. Drink a bottle to send a bottle in this way, the gift is given, the relationship is close, and it is not good.
    3. Borrowing Ma Ying Road
    Sometimes you want to give gifts to others but the other party is not related to you. You may wish to choose a gift to the gift. Congratulations, the salute is not easy to refuse. When the person knows that this idea is your opinion, it will inevitably change your views on you. With the help of everyone's power, the purpose of giving gifts is really the best.
    4. Mr. Xiao Zhang's wife and Mr. Liu's girlfriend are very familiar. Mr. Zhang used his wife's diplomacy and asked his wife to visit with gifts. It is not as good as the roundabouts can achieve strange effects.
    5. First of all, if you borrow
    , if you send it, you may wish to say that this thing is also stuck in this thing, let him take it first, buy it in the future; Flowers first, and then return it later. As long as you do n’t urge him to pay back, it has become a sending for a long time, which can also reduce the psychological burden of the ceremony, and the purpose of your gift will be achieved.
    6. Take the opportunity to give birth to eggs
    The subordinates have a lot of benefits and always want to return, but there is no chance. One day, he accidentally found that the calligraphy and painting inlaid in the frame of the boss is a pioneer. The elegant furnishings in the family are not coordinated. It happens that his uncle is a well -known calligrapher in the country, and he also has the calligraphy and paintings he gave. He immediately brought the calligraphy and painting and took the initiative to put it in the frame. Instead, his boss did not oppose it, but he was very fond of him. The purpose of giving gifts finally achieved.
    7. By the way to take a bridge
    You can say to the gifts when giving gifts, which are bought at the gift price, wholesale price, and preferential price. It is generally the same as gift giving. The gift of the courtesy is safe because of paying money. I have no worries
    It after entering the house, I will say how good his family is, how good the location is, furnishings, furniture, etc. Then he wants to say what you do with things, and you say that the leader has worked hard for a year. In this year, he did not help and promote his work in this year. Then say something wishes, you can bring more in the future. After entering the house, you can talk about what you can talk about. You can talk about the New Year. Talking something happy and celebrating things. Do n’t use it all the best. You can talk about the recent work problems. There is a new year. The work outlook, saying that you are happy, rest assured, he wants to hear, let the leader rest assured, and ensure how.
    Since I went to his house, of course, the family should not be himself. If there are elderly people and children in his family, remember, first greet the old man, care about his father, how about the old lady, the old lady and old lady If you want to say humility, you are holding high, and everyone is willing to listen to how your parents are healthy, but pay attention to use words, don't say it. Then he said that his child, if his child is still young, boast how smart his children are, it is important! Intersection If his child is still in school, or at the age of 20, you must give his children a red envelope. , Learn to buy something to eat. and many more. It can usually be required. Give your child. But remember that when the money is going to leave, hurry up.
    Gift -giving techniques
    The live too simple, I want to change life and maintain connections. But I really do n’t know how to give gifts, deal with different people, what to send, how to send, how to see each other's reactions, and so on.
    Was in this world thinks more money, the so -called "people who do not give gifts" are the meaning.
    but the following techniques should be mastered:
    1. Do not send gift coupons and things if you can send money
    2, do not send it to the office if you can send it home
    3, you can not give it at night, do not daytime Send
    4, do not send your wife
    5, do n’t show up everywhere if you can give gifts
    6, you can do n’t have multiple people
    7, you must think of your own purpose to give gifts to your own purpose.
    The skills of speaking when giving gifts
    The things that cannot be done in the world, only people who do not do things. A person who can do things can easily control the situation of life in a complex and complicated environment. Everything is possible to turn the impossible things into your own goal, and finally achieve your own purpose. The key is to depend on what method you use, what skills, and what means. This book selects the techniques of common difficulty, major events, wonders, and urgent things in real life, and includes the best of everyone's care and trustees. Throughout the book, the small and middle apartment is large, and the vulgar is elegant. To be honest, the truth is practical. Every reader can experience the mystery of doing things from it, master the tricks of doing things, and control the situation of doing things. Let us in life be calmly analyzed no matter what difficult things are facing.
    The people are always unnatural and uncomfortable when giving gifts. They always jump in their hearts. As a result, they are embarrassed when they meet. No wonder some people see gifts as a big trouble and very unwilling to do it. In fact, this is mainly because the psychological disorders are too large. As long as the method is opposite, the psychological obstacles are eliminated, and gift giving will not make people so embarrassing.
    It is not for example
    In someone visited a lot of people who were very studying to give gifts. The ceremony went through some consultations and asked them what to do if they were embarrassed or dare not receive the gift. Most people say that the best way is to tell the other party with a sincere attitude, "Only once, no example." Speaking of this sentence, the other party will accept it in eighty or nine.
    This will shoot the horse first
    If you want to give gifts to Mr. Qi, do not choose him, but choose his coquettish wife as a gift object. The reason is simple. Your gift will give his wife and his wife will be happy to accept it. Therefore, she will soon become your ally, and her husband will not be willing to fight with you. In fact, when you give his loved wife a gift, he will have an inexplicable pride, which will appear extremely relaxed and happy; even if he is unwilling to accept it, but in front of his coquettish wife, he also has suffering, so he has to say that Place a smiley face. This makes full use of the three psychological characteristics: first, the psychological advantage of love husband and wife: the second is to use the psychology of women's love for vanity; the third is to use the compatibility of loving couples.
    The never forgets
    The people are a bit snobbish. People are always enthusiastic about those who have the power and have the power. However, there are exceptions that some people have been dismissed because of mistakes. Because of their courage and consciousness in the past, there are also many people who have been knotted, and there are endless streams of gifts. After the duty, friends in the past became strangers overnight. At this point, you can use his birthday gift to be very grateful to you. Once you have regrings, he will not forget you.
    Is when a person is not aspirational and walks through the wheat city, you give him a small gift, and you can easily become a duel. This is an important psychological tactic for winning others. Don't miss this opportunity.
    In third party identity
    In interpersonal communication, people often have alert to the other party, constantly monitor words and deeds, and to third parties outside the bureau. Essence
    For example, in order to show the company manager for his care for his care, a female staff member sent a few bottles of wine to the manager in the name of her husband, and the manager accepted it. Conversely, the female staff member stood directly in his own name. The other party may have the resentment and alert psychology of "you must ask for" and "you are for me". Most of the gifts that will reject. As a gift, the gift of "the house of the house of the house" "" "" "" "" "" "" There are three benefits: one is that the other party is not easy to refuse; the other is to evoke the other party's thoughts on the hometown; the third is that the topic of this specialty can cause the common language of both parties, and soon be able to get close. Gifts with the province of "hometown" can be said to be a universal gift giving skills. What is the appearance of expression "," will be sent home, no matter who will make the other party feel particularly kind, the gift gift will be very good.
    I as a "junior"
    Mo Mr. working in an important department, which is very real power, but he is upright, never accepts the gift, and the gift to the door is either refusing or "equivalent to refund the equivalent refund "". Therefore, most of the people who came to give gifts here were mostly embarrassed.
    . A staff member came to his house as a guest and said, "Director, your son is almost the same size bar. He has a healthy father like you, which is more happy than me. I don’t know a few years ago. I don’t know a few years ago. Considering my father, there was no filial piety. As a result, the father was ill. Being a junior did not expect the elders to have money and momentum, I just hope that the elders are healthy ... The director you are in your 50s, you must pay attention to your body. Otherwise, your son must be It will be very sad! Even if these supplements are a little filial to you, please pay attention to the body. "After him, the director was very moved, and in the end he not only received the gift, but also had a young employee. Deep impression.
    This staff does not depend on the director's right to give gifts, but in accordance with the actual situation of his father, the junior hopes to give gifts on the grounds that the elders hope to give themselves a gift, and put themselves in the position of the director's son. Director
    The asking for a gift
    Since it is an art, gifts have their own rules, who are given to who, whatever, and how to send them. Delivery. According to some successful gift giving experience and failure of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, at least we should pay attention to the following principles:

    1. The gift of gifts is proper
    It is easy to make people misunderstand him, especially those who are not intimate about the relationship, and it is even more so, and if the ritual is too light and wants to ask others to do things, it is more difficult for others to do, and it may be almost zero. However, the gift is too expensive, and it will make people who accept the gifts suspected of accepting bribery, especially to superior and colleagues. In addition to some people who take advantage of cheap and bold, most people are likely to decide, or even if they accept it, they will pay for it. Otherwise, they will be able to pay attention in the future. Isn't it forcing others to consume? If the other party refuses to accept it, your money has been spent and it is useless, you will have a lot of troubles, as people often say: "spend money to find sin", why is it suffering? Therefore, the severity of the gift is to be able to accept it as the scale, and strive to spend less money and do more; spend more money to do good deeds.

    2, the gift interval is appropriate
    It the interval of gifts is also very particular, too frequent or too long, sincerely help look at it. Thank you. Thank you

  2. best body piercing jewelry wholesale suppliers An ideal gift can express some special desire for the gifts and recipients and convey some special information. You can customize a one -on -one for your own needs for your exclusive gifts according to your needs. Exclusive gifts can not only reflect your attention and sincerity of gifts, but you can still be able to get off in a short time in a short period of time. Retreat to the hospitality nine grades, so that it is not only solemn, but not but not afraid of it! I used to have a good gift in Jiupin in the hospitality!
    In addition, when many people are asking for people, they feel that the taste is really uncomfortable. Before you open your mouth to others, you consciously have a lot of shortness; sorry to speak to others, or look too low. Most of the ways of seeking people will not be successful. So, how to ask for a politeness?
    The monk has been practicing the temple for 12 years, and he never dares to ask the abbot to ask questions. Other monks asked him: "Do you have no questions that you don't understand?" He always answered: "Yes, but the master is very busy, and the monks dare not disturb." After many years, the abbot saw that he hadn't realized it, so he didn't realize that he hadn't realized it, so he didn't realize it, so he didn't realize it, so he didn't realize it, so he didn't realize it, so he didn't realize it. Drink: "Busy, who are I busy? I can be busy for you!" At this time, the monk suddenly realized. The monk understands that the meditation must be courageous, and when I am too clear, my heart is stubborn.

  3. wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Gift card. Gift cards make up for the disadvantages of traditional gifts, such as the embarrassment of the need for non -needed, such as the sale of money directly, and the gift card allows the gift to give the gift to the free choice and consume freely. More and more people have begun to take gift cards as a way of gift giving. The gift card brings considerable convenience in the communication between the company and customers or employees. For enterprises, giving gifts does not have to guess the preferences of customers or employees. A gift card can make gifts from hundreds of products that they really love in the gift network, which completely avoids the gift spending from the gift. The embarrassing situation of poor effect. 2. Relying on the Internet and courier companies, online gifts are emerging online gifts. Although it originated from online shopping, it is a type of online shopping. For example, the flowering industry is popular because of its convenience and people's instinct for flowers.

  4. disney frozen jewelry wholesale Look at the size of your trustee and measure the value of gift giving. Before the general matter is not done, you will send some business -oriented gifts such as tea sets, tea, etc.

  5. wholesale jewelry broadway new york Generally speaking, the gifts are too light and meaningless, and it is easy to misunderstand him as looking down on him. Usually, I give gifts to choose Yuzhiyuan Gift Network. Etiquette consultants will help choose your satisfaction with your situation;

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